New ways of finding off market deals

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Hey @Ronny Tiburcio !

Just curious, are you currently pursuing networking, direct mail and PPC? If so, to what degree?

Networking is a very broad category....could mean anything from REI meetings to distributing business cards to addressing a luncheon of Probate lawyers (and many many more).

PPC has various applications including social media.

Direct mail has many faces and multiple targets.

Besides what you have mentioned above, if we assume that networking is all forms of in person communicating, PPC (together with SEO) is all forms of internet marketing, and direct mail to be inclusive of the wide variety of lists and media available, then I can only think of a small number of communication methods you are missing:

  • Email 
  • Telephone (Calling and texting)
  • Visual (Bandit Signs, Billboards, TV)
  • Audible (Radio, Podcast)

What people usually mean when starting a conversation like this is "how can I spend less and make more" which is a valid question, but my guess is that if you applied yourself more fully to any of the channels you currently have going you could increase your deal flow. 

There are more places you can speak, more people you can mail and someone like @Jerryll Noorden could surely show you how to explode your internet presence. If you can spend a dollar and make two, it makes sense to spend more dollars diving deeper.

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@Jerry Puckett We are currently pursuing all of the above mentioned methods to find deals. Most of are deals are coming from Direct mail, talking to wholesalers, talking to agents, and Driving for Dollars. I just like to ask questions like this to make sure I am up to date with any potential new ideas that we might be using right now. Thanks for the feedback.

New apps such as DealMachine are making the process of finding off-market deals easier. I would look in this direction, as well as RE meetups if willing to partner with others.