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I am a wholesaler, which means that I am really good at marketing for properties that cannot be found on the MLS or elsewhere; negotiating a great price, and flipping the contract to an end buyer. I can easily help you do the same if you're ready to take action.

I say that because over the last year, I've networked with Investors all over the country through BP. They come to me and say their MLS has dried up, or there's too much competition at the courthouse steps. When I turn them on to doing their own marketing, they learn to bypass the MLS, local wholesalers or the court house, and they get their own deals.

Besides these, I have also helped four brand newbie wholesalers get their very first deal through a combination of marketing and coaching. Face it, to wholesale, you're going to put some money into marketing anyway....the way I see it, if you're willing to spend your money on my marketing, the least I can do is teach you to use it to its best effect.

I'm also an active Minister and play in the worship band Mark V.

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