Can a landlord raise the rent before the lease is up?

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Hey guys. Is it possible for the landlord in Utah apt complex to raise the rent before the one year lease is up with just a 30 day advance notice to all the tenants? If so what’s the point of signing a lease? Thanks

Depends on the exact language of the lease.  If the lease is a fixed term, then no, you can't raise the rent until the end of the lease UNLESS your lease has a provision for doing so.  Some leases have built into them provisions whereby the landlord can increase rent in the event property taxes or other services to the property are increased.  There are probably other provisions that can get the same effect, but they would have to be in the lease prior to wanting to raise the rent.

I agree with Jeremiah.  It's unlikely to be able to raise rent during the course of a lease without having a provision that allows the owner to do so given an increase in fixed expenses, such as property taxes, etc.

Thanks guys. That’s what I though. We have a really shady LL who’s absolutely incompetent and she’s trying to screw us over again. My gf has a one year lease that’s up at the end of this month but the LL claims that she signed a 6 month lease in September. We asked her to provide that lease but she just sent s copy of 1 paragraph with September dates on it. When we asked for the page with signature she keeps avoiding us even though I came to her office 3 times today and she literally ran away because she ‘had places to be’ my gf can’t locate her old 1 year lease and claims that landlord never even made a copy so she thinks the LL might be forging the documents.

I moved out 4 months ago and I’m still waiting for my deposit to be returned. When I asked the LL about it she said she has to talk to the owners and have them send it to me. I’m thinking about taking her to the court. Anyone knows a good lawyer?

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