Where to buy auction homes in Northern Virginia

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Hi fellow BP'ers!

I live in Reston, Virginia and would like to know the best way to find and purchase auction homes in northern Virginia.  Websites? Government websites? other sources?


If you are looking for true auction homes - you need to find the advertisements for them and then show up at the courthouse steps the day they go to auction. Hudhomestore.com is the website for HUD homes. Most other "auction" sites are just middle men that market the home and those homes can usually be found on the MLS too.

Auction.com has a good amount of info available incl auction date, location etc. you still need to dig for unpaid taxes and any liens against the property.

@heather skowrownsky thanks!

Where do I find these “advertisements? Online?

@heather skowronsky thanks!
Where do I find these “advertisements? Online?

You would have to look in newspapers and online newspapers.  In Virginia they have to advertise the auction prior to the home going to auction.  They advertise them in the newspaper or what used to be the news paper...

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