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Loudoun County Virginia Meet Up?
Is anyone interested in meeting monthly in the Ashburn, VA or Leesburg, VA area to discuss real estate investing? Date/Time is still TBD based upon interest. I'm leaning towards a weekend morning since most of us are... View more
Connecting with agents, investors and PMs in Winchester, VA area
Hi all, New investor here, wanting to connect with agents, investor and property managers in/around Winchester, VA area. Looking for long term buy/hold of SFH/THs, want to start with rent-ready/light rehab at first.... View more
Virginia Pre-Licensing Course Recommendations
I am interested in pre-licensing course recommendations in Virginia that are offering virtual (zoom type) classes? I've previously tried a course offered by CE Shop but didn't like the online slide format (extremely... View more
Eviction Move-Out/Lockout Services?
After a year of not collecting rent and not being able to get a tenant out It looks like there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. That leaves me with the physical process of the eviction. Are there any companies... View more
Property Management Company in Richmond, VA?
We've hit the point in our investing where managing all the properties takes up too much mental bandwidth. We will be moving our properties over to property management as they become vacant (the first one coming up... View more
New Investor in Northern Virginia
Hey All! I'm a relatively new to real estate investing, but trying to learn more.  I am most interested in rentals, and I currently rent rooms in my primary residence, and purchased a rental townhouse.  I went into the... View more
Wholesale Newbie..looking for pointers to get started
Hello All, I was hoping to find some help with getting started wholesaling in the Richmond  Virginia market . I have done a lot of research on my own. If anyone has or is doing deals in the Richmond Virginia market, I... View more
Best list to pull from?
I was wondering what list people are having the most success with pulling. We are skip tracing and cold calling and always looking to improve our business. I think stacking lists is brilliant and I have found it to be... View more
Abundance of deals phenomenon
When do you feel that you have an abundance of deals? Is it when you are too busy to take on a new project? When the bank account is looking pretty good? I honestly don't know if I have ever felt like I had an... View more
Wholesaling in. Northern Virginia as a Newbie
I live in Loudoun County in Northern Virginia, I joined BP last year, I've listened to hours of the podcast, and have interacted in the forums. Two key takeaways re: wholesaling are 1. Patience. Most sellers do not... View more
Driving for Dollars in High-Priced Virginia
I live in Loudoun County in Northern VA, avg price point is ~500k for a SFH and I am starting to drive for dollars.Just curious for those that do/have done this:- how do you approach this practice in areas where there... View more
Assignable contracts in Virginia
I have a duplex on the line in Bristol Va. and the seller doesn't want to use a realtor. Does Virginia use attorneys or title companies and are there any issues with assignable contracts in Virginia? Thanks in advance.
Assignable contracts in Virginia
I have a duplex on the line in Bristol Va. and the seller doesn't want to use a realtor. Does Virginia use attorneys or title companies and are there any issues with assignable contracts in Virginia? Thanks in advance.
Loudoun County - Sterling, Virginia - Sell or Hold?
We have a townhouse rental in Sterling, Virginia. Was just curious what your thoughts are about the Northern Virginia (specifically Loudoun County) Real Estate Market. More specifically, Do you think there's... View more
Anyone using Rentometer
Just curious as to everyone's thoughts on Rentometer. I've used it a little while looking at places in the market that I live (Roanoke/Salem VA) and there are generally not enough results to make it seem worthwhile. ... View more
How to Find Auctions in Fredericksburg
Looking to find sources for houses up for auction in the Fredericksburg area (and possibly Richmond or other nearby areas). In rural MD we find auctions in public notices in the local paper, and then look up... View more
Investing in Danville, VA
Just curious about anyone that own's property in and around Danville and how it's working out. I've done a little bit of research and it looks like most of the places are pretty inexpensive, but I'm familiar enough... View more
Building Permits Northern Virginia
Hey guys,Was wondering about building permits and ability to do my own renovation work in Fairfax County, VA.I’m looking to refinish the remaining half of a basement that isn’t already finished. This willinclude... View more
Appraiser servicing Surry County?
I'm looking for a licensed appraiser who works in the Surry county area, preferably with unimproved land/timber experience.  If you know of someone, please post or send me a DM.  Thanks lots!
Handyman for Rentals RVA
Does anyone have a reliable, professional handyman they use for their rental properties? I have had people who charge ungodly rates, unprofessional or inability to complete tasks but I haven't yet been able to find a... View more
Option to Market Subject to Existing Lease
I have 2 rental listings One is off Market and one of MLS. Both of them have solid tenants in place with lease expiring in 2021. Both the condos have been well taken care of in great locations in Fairfax county.Looking... View more
Loudoun County - Quid Pro Quo
New REI here! Just reading through the beginner books, listening to podcasts, attending webinars, and talking to folks on BP to get all the knowledge I can.I want to begin getting some experience performing REI related... View more
Harrisonburg VA RE Investing
Hey everyone,I'm reaching out to see if anyone has invested in Harrisonburg, VA/in the Shenandoah Valley. I'm really looking to connect with anyone who knows/ invests in the area. Would love to get involved in any... View more
To JV or not to JV? That is the question.
I see people form partnerships all the time; some temporary, some permanent. The trouble I see with so many partnerships is that partners are not always bringing something different to the table. In Real Estate we can... View more
Good First House In Virginia (Close To DC)
I've been looking to get a first primary residence near DC to stay close to family on the Eastern Shore and own my first place + have a good investment (I just want to wake up in a house and know it is that... View more

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