At last a Forum dedicated to Stamford!!

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Hey CT Investors,

I'm not sure if you have had a chance to check out the Location Sub Forums but now there is a new Section just for us to post location specific forum posts. If you subscribe to the forum you will get updates any time someone posts here. I hope to see some activity here!!

Hi all!

Hi @Jon Jaw

I see you just joined up, you should get your profile filled in and a picture. Welcome to BP!


Hey Guys,

New to BP and nice to CT investors & a Stamford forum, awesome !


Hey @Derrick Watkins

Welcome to BP, I think you'll find it is a great resource and community. Take some time to explore the blogs and forums, listen to the podcasts and if you're really into it they even have some great books. What type of investing are you looking to do?


Hey @Daniel Raposo

Thanks, i'm looking to do lease options on sf homes.

Hey everyone,

I am new to BP and real estate investing. I am looking to purchase my first  property in the Norwalk / Stamford Connecticut area. I look forward to learning more from the site.


Anyone familiar with 22 Glenbrook Road condominiums in Stamford? 

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