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At last a Forum dedicated to Stamford!!
Hey CT Investors,I'm not sure if you have had a chance to check out the Location Sub Forums but now there is a new Section just for us to post location specific forum posts. If you subscribe to the forum you will get... View more
Wholesaler in Fairfield County Seeking Investor Friendly Attorney
Hi BP Family!I'm new to real estate investing and actively taking action in the Fairfield County, CT market. I'm having trouble finding an attorney who is comfortable with assignments and wholesaling in general. Are... View more
First Time Home Buyers Requesting Advice
Hello all,  My wife and I are currently seeking to buy a home in the Stamford area, should we bring a  general contractor when looking at potential homes?
Need a Virtual Stager (I'm Based in Greenwich, CT)
Hi all,I'm a local real estate broker in Greenwich, CT. I'm looking to expand my network and selling tools. Has anyone used a local virtual stager before. Can anyone please recommend some? Thanks in advance. 
Stamford Lawn Care/Snow Removal services
I have a four-family house in Stamford that has a small yard, a handful of bushes/plants, and a 5-10 yard sidewalk up to the front door. Can anyone refer a local person who may be interested in the lawn care/snow... View more
Great Handyman with over 20 years of experience
If you are looking for a great handyman to help you with your rental properties or remodels. For more information on a few of his previous jobs:
West Side/ South End Stamford, CT
Hi, i am thinking to purchase a house on the West Side of the South End of Stamford. Question to the local investors:  is the are coming up, i see a lot of new construction/ developments in the area, but when i look at... View more