What utilities do landlords typically cover in Indianapolis?

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I'm new to the Indy market and wanted to get a feeling for what utilities are covered by the landlord vs. the tenant.  I know this probably differs between single and multi family homes, location, and rent price, but I was hoping to get some input.  Thanks in advance!

It is better to have tenants to pay for themselves, as landlords should not fix tenants' problems. If landlords pay for water and electricity, tenants can abuse them and lower landlords' profits.

Of course you try to get as much covered by the tenant, but in Multifamily it is pretty common for the landlord to cover water, sewer and landscaping ( they can't rock, paper, scissors for who is going to cut the grass). On the other hand, tenants should be on the hook for all utilities in a SFR. Always a great thing to find separate water meters in MF.

Here in Indy, se stick mostly to SFH's and Duplexes with separate meters. We make tenants pay for all utilities.

In SF-Quad-tenants pay utilities.  Even if just one meter, the manager has to allocate and charge tenants their portion of the usage (we typically use Sq. feet to determine).  As a manager, we much prefer every utility to have its own meter and the tenants setting up their own accounts. 

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