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Season 3 of the BP series "Meet the Investors" is coming to Indy
Hello friends, my name is Alex. I am a real estate investor, long time BP contributor, and I make the BiggerPockets YouTube show "Meet the Investor". I am traveling to Indianapolis in mid-February to produce 10... View more
Looking for a local CPA! Any advice welcome
Calling all Indianapolis investors. I'm looking for a CPA and trying to jump the gun before tax season comes around. If anyone has recommendations please reply.  I was previously recommended Michael P. McCormick in... View more
Areas to invest in Indianapolis
Hi everyone, I'm looking to invest in Indianapolis and would like to get your input. My current strategy is Buy&Hold, I'm not familiar with the area yet so I'm seeking for some advice, I'm looking for single family... View more
Property Management Recommendations in Indianapolis
I'm an out of state investor looking at buying SFHs in Indianapolis. Would appreciate any recommendations for property management (or who to stay away from). Preferably someone you have used/are using yourself. Thanks.
Best Indianapolis Short Term Rental Management Services
In the process of acquiring some properties close to downtown Indianapolis that are furnished and more or less short term rental ready, I have a similar property in Austin that's cashflowing well and is under turnkey... View more
New OOS Investor - Looking for help - Ready to purchase
Hello all! I been looking for deals around the Indianapolis area for some time and believe I found one to get me started in my RE investing career. All numbers are within budget and promising from my research. I'm... View more
Any investors need some time taken off their hands?
I am looking to help out some local investors here in Indiana. For any self managing investor I could help with maintenance calls, rehab management and check ins, etc. I am also available on the weekend mornings and... View more
Indianapolis Roofing Companies
Any recommendations for Indianapolis Roofing companies? I've gotten quotes from Bone dry, Universal Roofing, Stay Dry, and Cochran. Bone dry seems to be the best value of the group in terms of cost, material quality in... View more
out of state investor
Hi everyone, I'm doing some due diligence into the Indianapolis rental market and was looking for some guidance and contacts I can connect with (namely a strong real estate agent, PM, lender, another investor who knows... View more
Indy Duplex needing Gas line to be split up
Hello Indy Guys , I acquired a duplex , utilities(Water, & electricity) are split up except the gas line . Any recommendations on the best cost effective way to split the gas line for the tenants. Is Citizens( Gas... View more
Looking for a rental investment in Fort Wayne or New Haven
Hello everyone, I am taking the first steps to invest in a rental property. I am looking for SFHs and was looking at Fort Wayne or New Haven. Fort Wayne has a steady growth in the last decade, New Haven is relatively... View more
Indy Investors - Fall Creek area advice
Hey Indy Investors! I'm looking for advice/thoughts on a smaller pocket in Fall Creek area, southeast of the river and just north of 30th. Looks like there's plenty of activity there right now with a few remodels... View more
Should you stage your rental?
What do you do with your rental when you're ready to list it for rent? Do you take photos as-is and list it empty or do you stage it before taking photos and listing it? I've found greater success in listing a rental... View more
Investor looking for connections (wholesalers, realtors, etc!)
Hi All!I'm looking into growing my network in Indianapolis (and the surrounding area) as I start looking for my first investment property in Indianapolis and would love to connect with anyone who is a wholesaler,... View more
Top 5 Things Your PM Should Carry At All Times
You should ask your PM if they carry these things with them at all times. When I'm on the road visiting properties, either for showings or making rounds doing walkthroughs, I've found it frustrating in the past to not... View more
Building a Cleveland team (focus: agents & property managers)
Hi Cleveland folks! We are a queer married couple from San Francisco looking to expand our REI portfolio in Cleveland. We led with that detail about our identity as lesbians because we want to build a gay-friendly team... View more
Building an Indy team (focus: agents & property managers)
Hi Indy folks!We are a queer married couple from San Francisco looking to expand our REI portfolio in Indy. We led with that detail about our identity as lesbians because we want to build a gay-friendly team and avoid... View more
In urgent need of plumber for clogged cast iron
Got any recommendations? Discovered clogged main sewage line in 1920s house. Need someone out here tomorrow to assess and fix. Thanks in advance!
Indianapolis Real Estate Agent New to BiggerPockets & Investing
Hey everyone, I'm a real estate agent (REALTOR) located in Greenwood, Indiana serving the needs of those looking to buy/sell/build/invest in residential and commercial properties around Indianapolis. I am a newer... View more
Movers for a washer and dryer
I need a washer and dryer picked up from my rental and brought to my house for storage. All the professional moving companies want $300 or $400 to move this washer and dryer. Anyone know someone who they could... View more
Office Space - Downtown Carmel
Office space for rent in downtown Carmel on Rangeline Road  I am renovating a charming old house on Rangeline Road. It’s a great location and I am looking to rent space to another business - current plans have an... View more
Seller's unpaid taxes applied towards closing cost
Hi I was wondering if any of you have experience in handling this situation, seems to be a common case. I am in the process of purchasing an investment home. The seller is willing to offer the seller credit/concession... View more
Prospective Out of State Investor
Hi all, I'm a new investor located in Chicago. The growth prospects and current values around Indianapolis have recently peaked my interest in the city. I'd love to connect with other out of state Indianapolis... View more