This upcoming Judicial Tax sale is for free and clear properties in Lacakawanna county;

The properties exposed to sale will be sold FREE AND CLEAR of all tax
and municipal claims, mortgages, liens, charges and estates of
whatsoever kind, except ground rents separately taxed pursuant to §610
of the Real Estate Tax Sale Law. The properties being offered for sale
have been previously advertised at the time of the Tax Claim Bureau’s
Upset Sale, which Upset Sale is referenced in the Petition for the
Judicial Sale for each property.

I am interested in a few lots and was wondering if anyone had any tidbits of information about purchasing them? I have mapped the lots, I have ran deeds, I have looked up and went physically to the addresses, owners, the type of dwellings. A buddy of mine that buys at these tells me not to worry about any liens if it made it this far into the tax sale. Do I still want to go ahead an run a title search even for a free and clear sale? Also the one MFR I am looking to bid on the current owner (Husband) and the secondary owner (Wife) are both deceased. What if any problems can or will arise because of that and how can I combat it.

Thank you for any an all information.