Toronto, ON where to buy good quality kitchen cabinets

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Hello fellow Toronto investors.

My friend bough a Townhouse in Toronto and is in process of renovations.

Could anyone recommend where investors in Toronto buy kitchen cabinets for decent price and good quality? You can PM me. I’d greatly appreciate any recommendation.

For all my rentals I use affordable kitchens .ca in Scarborough.  Talk to Jelena. They build inexpensive white cabinets, perfect for rentals.  If it's for your personal house, then you are going to want to go somewhere fancier.  

Don't discredit IKEA kitchens. They are of great quality and carry a 25 year warranty. For rentals they are a perfect low cost option.

If you're looking for custom, reach out to Ervis Zenneli from Monarch Construction for a quote. He's a quality builder with his own factory and does everything in house.