To the experienced RE Investors/ Wholesalers, How did you build a wholesaling business? How do you balance it between marketing (Inbound/Outbound) and getting deals closed? Methods to your buyers list? I am trying to turn this into a full on business. Its not a "on the side" thing for me. I always see posts of investors/wholesalers helping out others with certain topics but I don't see any posts where they are talking about their overall business and how they balance it.

1. What is the main marketing you invest in? (Bandit signs, Direct Mailing, Online, Billboards, Website) In what ways do you acquire your motivated sellers? Do you have a balance of different marketing techniques or use multiple techniques?

How much do you budget for each of your marketing campaigns? Whats your return on investment every time you do market? What percentage of your profits do you use to market?

2. How do you balance your inbound/outbound leads? 

Do you invest in a website to have organic leads come to you? (inbound Marketing) If you do have a website, did you hire someone for SEO? Do you take care of SEO yourself? How many leads do you usually receive from your website per month? How much do you invest in total for your website?

Do you invest in both inbound and outbound marketing?

3. How did you build your buyers list? 

Do you find properties first, then market them to your buyers list? Or do you ask your buyers what they want then go out and market specifically in the areas that some of your buyers told you they want?

4. If you don't mind disclosing it, What were your profits like when you first started to your profits now? How much are you making a month? 

Im trying to balance things out. I have been doing this for a couple of months and its going pretty good. I am just at loss on figuring out how to put all the pieces together. I guess you can say I am having analysis paralysis.