Finding a commercial umbrella liability policy for residential in FL?

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Hi Experts

I have multiple residential rentals in FL and have recently got a letter from my current Personal umbrella provider (Allstate) that for it to continue, I need to have all my rentals insured with them (I don't have any insured with them today), plus there is a limit on the number of properties which I can have under one umbrella (I have more). After doing some research it appears that the best would be to get a Commercial Umbrella Liability Policy, which I understand could be separate from my residence/auto/basic rental house insurance, and cover unlimited number of residential properties. Ideally that should also allow covering properties held within LLC (extending limits of the LLC insurance) and commercial properties.

So far I have not found such insurance providers. Has anyone found something like this already and with whom? thanks!

American Alternative Insurance Corporation can be good choice.

We have an umbrella policy for LLC on up to three separate properties. Covington Specialty Insurance Company is the name of the insurer, and we got the policy through Brightway Insurance.

There are multiple options in the market place, but you need to make sure you are talking with an independent agent who knows where to look.  I have a few companies that will do an unlimited amount of locations per policy, but will have a higher minimum annual premium as a commercial policy.

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