Florida insurance for Window units and wood piers

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Is anyone aware of an insurance company that will insure a river vacation house that is elevated on wooden stilts/piers and has window units? The foundation below the piers is concrete.


@Glenn Primack

The vacation rental use and piers are definitely insurable. The window units are the tough part of the equation. Are they supplemental to a central system? Is there a secondary heat source? Odds are you can get it insured somewhere - but it would be expensive. A better option would be to install a central AC and you will have many more (ie. affordable) options available to you. 

Thank you for your reply.  We have one window unit in the main living area (but not in a window, it is cut out of the wall) and then a window unit in each bedroom window for a total of 3 window units.  The heat sources are the main window unit in the living room does both heat & cool, and then there is a propane furnace in the living room as well.

I'll have to think about installing central air. Maybe not that hard since I have access underneath.  House is up about 10 ft off the ground.  

On a side note, why are window units hard to insure?  What is the downside of these on an elevated structure?


I have installed a few central ACs in my rentals to replace window units. In my experience, the cost ranges from $3000-5000 depending on the size of the unit and the distance they have to run ductwork. 

The carriers have run the statistics and found the houses with window units are significantly more likely to report a claim and/or the cost to repair is inflated when compared to homes with central AC. As to what causes the increased claim activity your guess is as good as mine. My first thought is it having to do with lowering humidity throughout the entire house so there are fewer mold claims but that is just my guess.