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Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

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I’m a child of the 1960s. That tells you a lot about me, both good and bad! I’m starting with that comment, just so you will understand that some of the things I say will sound … well, just a little old fashioned.

The Glass Half Empty or Half Full

One of the things we were asked a lot as we were growing up is this. Do you view this glass as half empty or as half full? It was explained to us that this answer demonstrated our worldview. The folks who say the glass is half empty most often see the problems in a situation first and may be averse to risk. That was considered a negative view of the world. Folks who said it was half full were more likely to see opportunities in a situation and be willing to take action to take advantage of those opportunities. This was considered a more positive view.

Abundance vs Scarcity Mindset

Nowadays the same concept is described as a scarcity versus an abundance mindset. I’ve been reading lots of books to learn about these concepts. In the past, I have been risk averse person, because I was afraid I would lose what I already have. I found that being that way did not pay off for the long run, because what I had often slipped through my fingers the harder I tried to hold on to it. As I’ve actively worked to have a more abundance mentality, I find I attract the very resources and people I need to achieve my goals.

Here are 7 traits that differentiate an abundance mindset from a lack mindset:

  1. Thinking Big vs Small: A person with a lack mindset always thinks small, because they never have enough resources on hand for more. When you think big, others are drawn to your passion and vision, and add their resources to yours to help you achieve your dream. This happens a lot in the kingdom of God. If God has given you big dreams, you have to think big!
  2. Plenty vs Lack: We’re back to the glass half full concept. Folks with a lack mindset believe resources are scarce, and you must be careful that those resources don’t run out. Folks with an abundance mindset believe there’s plenty of resources to accomplish many things, and they can run toward their dream.
  3. Happiness vs Resentment: Positive people are genuinely happy with others’ achievements, because that just goes to show it can be done. Negative people are often jealous and resentful, because they aren’t receiving the same opportunities, and this is one more opportunity that’s not available to them. Check your attitude on this one specifically. It’s an easy one to fix first.
  4. Embracing Change vs Fearing Change: I love adventures, so I’ve always embraced change. Part of the abundance mindset requires you to embrace change. When something doesn’t work, you tweak your plan, then try something different. When you fear change, it paralyzes and prevents you from taking action and moving forward on your dreams and passions. Again, the way you approach change is just another signal of an abundance or lack mindset.
  5. Proactive vs. Reactive: As young adults, we were reactive to our financial lack. The car broke down, so the car payment was then late. We were always reacting to needs that sucked our bank account dry. We became proactive finally by not spending every last dollar every pay period, plus growing new paths of income. A change of mindset changed the path of our lives!
  6. Learning vs Knowing It All: You may not remember Archie Bunker from the 70's TV series, All in the Family, but I do. He was loud mouth, opinionated, and frequently wrong about everything he said. He was an extreme example of a know-it-all. I have decided to be a lifetime learner, and that means I frequently listen to what others are sharing instead of always sharing my opinion. The lack mindset has to protect their opinions, because otherwise they might feel bad about not doing more.
  7. What is Working vs What is Not Working: A person with a lack mindset focuses on what’s not working and adopts a victim mentality. This is all happening because of something that was done to them. These negative thoughts leads to stress, worry, anger, and, as said in #3 above, resentment. Seriously, don’t settle here for the rest of your life. The abundance mindset allows you to see what is working and keep moving that direction, see what is not working and adjust the plan to overcome that obstacle. There’s enough resources and ideas to achieve your goals and accomplish your dreams.

Watch your thoughts, watch your words – these are dead giveaway of your mindset. If you hate being around positive people, you probably have a lack mindset. Let’s become the people that not only achieve our own dreams, but help everyone around us achieve theirs!

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  1. This is absolute gold! After hearing the "what sets successful investors apart from those that give up, fail or never get started?" question answered hundreds of times on BP podcasts I realized that 90% of the answers come down to mindset. Over coming fear with knowledge, not letting setbacks stop you, taking chances etc all comes back to glass half full mindset people. 

    I love this post and I would add that once you realize you might be a glass half empty mindset type person, the best way to become a half glass full person is to surround yourself with people of that mindset. I think the majority of people have a victim mindset. Stay away from those energy vampires! Surround yourself with positive people that are taking charge of their lives and not making excuses and you will create a mind of abundance!

    Thank you for the wonderful post!

    1. Thanks, James, this has been a huge shift for me, so I know it can be done. I would have argued that I was a successful person, without even realizing my success was limited by my mindset. Glad you found something my post and left a comment. We're all striving to be the best we can be. Let's do it!