Posted about 2 months ago

Looking Back as We Roll with Momentum into 2020!

As I just realized this is the last weekend of 2019, I stumbled on to a video we made for one of our flip homes sold last year. Wow, it brought some fabulous memories! 

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We only paid for videos for a few of our projects, but now looking back on these videos with pleasure, I think we'll do it for all of them in the future. The cost is low for such good marketing. 

Goodbye, 2019! 

Our highlight for 2019 was our son joining the business. He's already caught the real estate bug and the passion for a business that already provides him freedom he's never experienced working for others. 

Eric is our project manager, but he's also helping with acquisitions. The goal we gave him was for us to be working on two projects each month, with two properties sold per month. He set us up for a win, as we're starting two new projects in January.

Hello, 2020! 

In 2020, we plan to flip 24 doors, add 24 doors to our real estate portfolio, and I plan to assist others buy and sell their houses, in addition to ours, for 52 transactions in my Realtor business. 

We're already putting systems in place to make this happen easy. What's happening in your business? I challenge you to create your own blog this year. How can we help you? We love when others help us! 

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