How to Use @Mentions on BiggerPockets

Posted on Friday, October 04, 2013

Hey Everyone! We wanted to start the New Year with style, so we've brought you a new feature that we think will better help you to connect and communicate with others here on the forums.

We've adopted what has become standard protocol on the large social networks -- @ mentions.

Users can now mention their colleagues and those people who have already posted in a thread that you're responding to with the @ symbol.

Simply type your forum post as you normally would, and when you want to mention someone, type @ followed by their name. Once you enter the first two characters of the person's name, it will appear below. Select the person by clicking on their name and you'll have created a mention. You'll know you did it correct when you see the name highlighted in blue.

When you post your message, the person you mention will appear highlighted with the @ symbol in front and they will receive a notification on the site and in their inbox of the mention.

Additionally, if you enter @? it will pull up all posters who previously posted on the thread to make things easier for you!

Jump on the forums and give it a go; you can test it out in our thread announcing the feature: BP Update 6.5.1: @Mentions Now Enabled on BiggerPockets

Comments (35)

  1. Tiny_1399325748-avatar-motiv8td

    whoa!!! That's pretty cool!

  2. Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo

    Thanks Nick! Hop on, start using it and feel free to tweet this post ;)

  3. Tiny_1398851488-avatar-dasin2060

    Thanks Josh. I like it. A chance to give credit where credit is due. Will definitely use it.

  4. Tiny_1399436120-avatar-ejpuck

    Hey Josh, this is pretty cool; we've always answered posts by typing it this way.Color me silly, but this only works for people who have already posted within the thread, correct? It cannot be used to draw a particular persons attention to a thread?

  5. No_avatar_tiny

    Great way to start the new year.

  6. Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo

    @Dave - Thanks. Glad to hear it. @Jerry - It will work for people who have already posted in the thread and with your colleagues. @Charles - Agreed! BTW - We'll soon be adding it to the comment system of the blogs and the rest of the site.

  7. Tiny_1399558017-avatar-dbstyle

    That sounds really great.thanks for making it easier

  8. Tiny_1399315588-avatar-jonk

    I've never used them before now, but like them. Thanks Josh!

  9. Tiny_1398856443-avatar-bwalston

    Very cool!! BP just gets better & better :)

  10. Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo

    @Demond - No problem. Please consider uploading a personal pic so we can better get to know you. @Jon - Me too. @Bill - Thanks, and I appreciate the tweet!

  11. Tiny_1399044707-avatar-michaelquarles

    @Josh Thank you making feel a wee bit old. I had no clue what people were trying to accomplish when writing the @ symbol other than speaking directly to them. Will there be a way to block the @ emails from users or do they only come from people youve authorized to follow you?

  12. Tiny_1398871067-avatar-ncarey

    I just went back an edited a forum comment to add it. I noticed in your comment above where you used @Dave, Jerry, and Charles it doesn't show as described. Does it not work for post comments?

  13. Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo

    @Michael - You can shut all @ emails in the email settings. At present, there is no way to block an individual. The only people who can @mention you are those people you are colleagues with and those people who have posted in the same thread as you. @Ned - This is currently only implemented in the forums, but we'll soon be bringing it to the comment system around the rest of the site.

  14. Tiny_1399445261-avatar-tracey10

    Thanks Josh, way to go!!!

  15. Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo

    No problem, Tracey.

  16. Tiny_1399562700-avatar-shaneintx

    Why did I Just Now see this? Fun fun

  17. Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo

    There's a lot happening here, Shane Woods. Features like our @Mentions are great for keeping people in the mix.

  18. Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo

    I've had a few queries about the @Mentions system over the past few days, so I thought we'd revive this for all to see.

  19. Tiny_1399700698-avatar-jaykhill

    @Joshua Dorkin Does it work on IPad? I just tried it here and didn't get your name below.

  20. Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo

    Jay Hill - It is disabled on the iPad and iPhone through the website itself, but works using the BP Mobile App.

  21. Tiny_1406998514-avatar-prettypatterns

    That's awesome Joshua Dorkin!

  22. Tiny_1414764805-avatar-blueazul

    I tried to tag someone via mobile and it didn't work. Then I tried two different browsers (Firefox & Chrome) on a desktop and still no results. Am I missing something here?

    1. Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo

      On mobile, you'd need to use our iOS app. Otherwise, you can only mention colleagues or people who previously posted in a thread. I hope that helps.

  23. Tiny_1399758401-avatar-k2581

    @Joshua Dorkin I love the community that you have built here and I look forward to becoming more involved. I think that the mention feature is great. I am hoping to figure out what I need to do differently in order to get it work for me. Do you have any suggestions as to why I am not seeing the mention function work in my posts? I tried mentioning someone that had already posted in the same thread but the mention function didn't seem to work.Thanks in advance for your assistance. Joshua, thanks for building such an awesome community!

    1. Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo

      Hey Karen - How are you accessing the site What brower/version and operating system are you using? Have you tried our @? functionality (allows you to see everyone who posted in the thread already)?

  24. Tiny_1399758401-avatar-k2581

    I know that I have tried mentioning someone who has posted in a thread when I was using an Android phone. I did try the @? functionality as well.

    1. Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo

      It may be because you're on mobile. See if it works on your desktop for me...

    2. Tiny_1399758401-avatar-k2581

      Thanks and will do. Is there a BP mobile app for Android?

    3. Tiny_1399758401-avatar-k2581

      @Joshua Dorkin I am glad that I joined this community.

    4. Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo

      We have an iOS app at <a href=""></a>.

  25. Tiny_1399790132-avatar-architectalmost

    thanks Joshua Dorkin. just bumping this because i have been wondering how to @mention someone. didn't even know what to call it.

    1. Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo

      No problem, Jesse!

  26. Tiny_1426131048-avatar-ddl

    help I typed @names, no names pop up from the bottom?

  27. Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo

    You can only mention your colleagues or those people who previously posted in a forum thread.  On the blog, you can mention the author.

  28. Tiny_1416988542-avatar-jeremyj1

    Cool feature! A couple pieces of feedback:

    I'm using Chrome, and it's got some bugs. Sometimes it doesn't work at all and when I reload the page it works.  Othertimes it works but inserts the text "undefined" into the body of my post immediately after the mention.

    When I type "@" and then start typing the name of the person, the menu below pops up allowing me to select the person for the mention, but I have to use my mouse to actually click the name.  It would be nice if it worked like Facebook where you can use the Arrow Keys and Enter Key to select the person so you can keep your hands on the keyboard and not have to use the mouse for that.

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