BiggerPockets Podcast 029: Using Peer-to-Peer Lending to Finance Deals, Cash Flow, and Fix and Hold Investing with Dawn Anastasi

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On today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we are going to dive into some really fascinating new ways to finance your real estate investing while talking with residential investor Dawn Anastasi. Dawn is an active investor in the Milwaukee area who, while working a full time job, has collected a number of rental properties with amazing cash flow each month. Dawn shares with us her strategy for buying low priced houses (with unique financing in place,) fixing them up, and leasing them out to great tenants. This show definitely has a lot of great tips, ideas, and strategies for both new investors and seasoned pros.

Read the transcript to episode 29 with Dawn Anastasi here.

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In This Show, We Cover

  • Working with Family and Friends
  • Investing in Real Estate from a Woman’s Perspective
  • Dealing with Difficult Contractors
  • How to Find Houses for Between $20,000 – $30,000
  • Financing Real Estate Through Peer-to-Peer Funding
  • Buying Long Distance Properties
  • Why Single Family Rentals Rock
  • Finding Partners on BiggerPockets

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Books Mentioned in the Show

The Section 8 Bible
Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Connect with Dawn

Dawn’s BiggerPockets Profile
Dawn’s Website

Don’t forget to leave your comments or questions for Dawn below!

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  1. Great information. Thank you Dawn!

    Josh and Brandon…you guys are to funny. I listen to the POD casts, while i’m working, and sometimes I just laugh at you guys…to funny.

    Thank you again for this information, and keep up the hard work….(you gotta love what you do..:))


    • Joshua Dorkin

      Hollis – Thanks for listening and for the comments. I’m glad you found the show entertaining, and hopefully you got some good value out of it as well! We’ll keep trying to keep it light and informative for everyone!

  2. Good show Dawn!

    Your point about “knowing your market” is very important and I feel needs to be emphasized. I can’t tell you how many investors buy property only because of the property, and don’t take into consideration the street, neighborhood and city it’s located in. That can be a huge mistake and end up costing them a lot over time.

    Continued success!

    • Absolutely, Marco!

      There is something to be said about technology such as Google Earth and Google street view, to be able to “drive the neighborhood” but there are a few considerations there:

      a) Google images are back-dated. I’ve seen some from 2007, some from 2011 when I’m looking online. That doesn’t show you what the status of the neighborhood is NOW.

      b) You aren’t walking the neighborhood. Is there trash or graffiti on the buildings you might not see them in the brief images you see on Google but you’d see them in person.

      c) Talking to the neighbors. I had visited a house an out of state investor wanted me to look at and while there, I stopped a woman in the alley. I found out she was the sister of the woman who used to live in the house (foreclosure) and was able to learn a lot of information about the house.

      d) Working with property management companies — knowing which ones are good, and which ones are not-so-good. Having a bad PM can break a deal.

      • Dawn,

        I actually like the fact Google’s images are “aged”. Twice now, I’ve referred to them when making an offer on a property where the present owner has held for <3 years. Since I already know what the Vendor paid for the property, the 'seasoned' Google pics help me figure out what changes (improvements?) are due the Vendor, and which pre-date him.

        • There is something to be said about going back in time, yes. But when you’re buying a property, you do need to know what it looks like NOW too. πŸ™‚

  3. Dawn,

    Awesome show, thanks for taking the time to share your experiences! I was wondering how you decided to pick the zip code you started to invest in? Was there any make or break criteria like average income, or other demographics? Or was it just a feel for the area?


    • Jeff, thanks for listening! I invest primarily in the zip code that I live in for several reasons:

      a) I know the area really well.
      b) Since I do my own property management, staying close to the properties is very helpful.
      c) I don’t have to drive very far to get to my properties when doing rehab. (Much better than 2 hours away!)

  4. I really liked this show. Not just because of the name drop! Dawn is a great partner, very knowledgeable, transparent, and professional. I’m glad to be working with her and plan on continuing to do so.

    I’m up for a BP harmony commercial!

  5. Josh and Brandon. You two are alright bloggers here, but your banter is hard to listen to. Its off topic most of the time, and I just can’t relate. It makes it hard to listen to your interview. When you are interviewing, you both ask really good questions, I just really dislike your before hand bantering and being off topic. Maybe its because im super busy and I want to get the knowledge as soon as possible, and others dont have these time restraints so it doesnt grate as much.

    IF you banter, can you please keep it on topic, not making silly jokes (silly, not always funny). Sorry if this was harsh, I couldnt find a way to sugar coat it. Just remember, some of us are VERY busy real estate investors who need to get information succintly and quickly between our full time jobs and part time REI.

    • Joshua Dorkin

      Hey Lisa –
      Thanks for the feedback. These interviews have a ton of incredible content in them and we don’t charge a dime for it. I guess the cost to some is dealing with our “bad jokes.” If that is too high a cost for you, I’m sorry.

      Don’t be afraid to fast forward through our banter . . .

      • Its not the highest cost, its just hard to listen to and makes the experience a little worse off. Some people seem to like it, though. The better your content and podcast, the more people want to listen, and the more this site takes off which is better for you. Its a give and take on both sides.

        I downloaded the podcast, so I could get to where i needed to go. I found i couldnt fast forward through the web browser player, but downloading is better.

        • James Vermillion

          I don’t disagree, I completely disagree! The is a podcast, a show…not just lessons about real estate. If I wanted to hear purely real estate knowledge I would spend time listening to audiobooks about real estate. I consider myself a busy man as well, but I absolutely love the banter, and I doubt I would continue to listen to the shows if there was not some entertainment value as well.

          I think the podcast strikes a great balance, entertaining and fantastic content…but you cannot please everyone (although you are the highest rated show on iTunes)!

        • My husband and I personally love the banter! It lets us know you are down to earth and “real”. Keep it up!

        • Katie Rogers

          The way to deal with it is to take both praise and criticism with equanimity. I actually agree with Lisa. It interferes with the ability to maintain attention and invites people to “tune out” like for a commercial. When they tune back in, they find they missed something.

          There was really no reason for the defensiveness.

      • Hey guys – can’t help but jump in…God help me! (cut it if you need to)

        THIS IS FREE, is it not? THIS IS GOOD, is it not? Lisa – what am I missing?

        I hate it when people play the “busy” card. Who isn’t busy. Josh is busy. He has 5 mounts to feed, his family + Brandon…cut him some slack!

        Ben Leybovich

        • Sometimes, people mention the truth. They may put it in better words than others, but hey, there’s room for improvement. At least 90% of the podcast is pretty good. Just painful getting through some parts.

          Yes, its a give and take. If they charged for this, they would get lost in the fray with other podcasters who give their knowledge away for free. Thats why ive been following biggerpockets for a few years. If they started charging, I definitely wouldnt have. Thats been their difference, nothing for me to be grateful about, this is their business.

  6. Hey Dawn you are right once things started to come together for me working with my family my brother being a lawyer tried to steal my company and my sister going along with it. What a nightmare.

      • I have experience a lot of things but one subject is always clear, the only way to move ahead in any venture is to remember if you have a love for money you will never truly move ahead, money is only a way too help a true investor so you can do better things for people that are not as capable. Remember clean house love god and help others.

  7. but, instead of getting offended by my feedback, why don’t they see if maybe they can either improve their jokes or limit the amount they do in the beginning. You dont have to incorporate my feedback, but man, someone needs to say it. Ill be the messenger.

    If im the only one who doesnt like it, go ahead and reply and mention it and see if its just me. Maybe im tired so this was the final podcast where I wanted to listen to all “jokes” and others think they are great and hilarious. Maybe im the only person who has an issue. Respond if I am. If everyone loves it, and I am the only one that can’t stand it, let it be known so they can keep doing it. If not, put down your thoughts if you think they can improve. But, comments are for feedback about the podcast, and thats definitely my truthful one.

    • If you read the comments on this and other episodes the comments pretty much always say people enjoy the banter and the rapport the guys have.

      Not to be a jerk but if you are so busy you can’t be bothered to fast forward past the first few minutes of a podcast it seems like you are expending a lot of time and effort to complain about this fact.

    • Joshua Dorkin

      Lisa – I can certainly appreciate you voicing your opinion, but the energy and banter we share keeps the show from droning on. We have no plans to lose our bad jokes or banter — we’re just being ourselves. That’s the show. I’m not going to pretend to be something I’m not — especially on our show. I’m all about positive feedback and negative feedback, but we know what works for the VAST majority of our listeners and will continue to serve them.

      As I said before, I hope you’ll continue to listen, but if you can’t, you’ll just be missing out on awesome content. If you can’t fast forward with the tool you’re using to listen, there are other ways to check the show out — I’m sure there is one that allows you to fast forward the way you want to.

      Either way, good luck to you and your investing.

      • Josh – maybe its just me. Thats fine. And, I don’t regret posting my honest feedback, although negative. I would do it again, and hopefully you take something away from it even if you dont change a thing about it. But yes, downloading the content works.

        William – I would be glad to go on and discuss real estate investing strategies Ive learned from not having a lot of money but having a big dream. Our diversity is what makes the content on this site so much more relevant. Im sure you can contribute a thing or too as well. However, as I am not a big fan of their interplay, it may be a little stiff at first, but would work its way out when they get to the real questions and answer sessions.

  8. Hi Guys, great podcast! Me & my staff invest in a lot of Lending Club notes and it’s great to see some of the borrowers’ mindset and uses of the funds. What a great alternative to hard $$ if you can pull it off like Dawn. P2P, just another good tool in the tool box.

  9. @Dawn really awesome podcast!
    Booking my flight to Milwaukee right now. πŸ˜‰

    In all seriousness though I like how you point out that there are places where people can find 2%+ properties that aren’t in war zones with terrible tenants.
    Drives me crazy in the forums when people say you can’t buy them or they are always terrible properties. I always like it when you point out that isn’t true.

    Keep rocking it!

  10. The banter is good……well…..except that Star Trek Voyager was conspicuous by its’ absence……sigh…….I mean….ALL the others were stuck in the Alpha Quadrant…..SOME were REALLY explorers……

    GREAT ideas and content. Dawn GREAT model. I hope you enjoyed it as there are already news reports of Mitchell Field activity surpassing O’Hare and La Guardia……COMBINED!!! πŸ™‚

    Thanks to all.

    • Joshua Dorkin

      Thanks for listening, Juan. Keep checking out the podcasts and reading the blog and our forums — jump in and ask questions when you’ve got them and you’ll quickly start getting the knowledge you need to get started.

  11. I cannot begin to express how excited I am to listen to this podcast. Dawn A is exactly the type of investor I want to be.

    Also, for what It’s worth, I like the banter/off topic conversation. It gives me more of a feel for the people who run the show and allows me to feel like i’m part of a community instead of listening to a real estate encyclopedia. However I do think you should allow the shows to go on longer most of the time, one hour is good but it leaves too much room to just hit only the high points on any topic and promote their book/website/newsletter on the back end, which is fine, I don’t have time to subscribe to a new podcast/newsletter and buy a book for every podcast. But i’m not complaining at all, the content is amazing, I just want more haha. Great job guys and thanks!!

    • Awesome! Thanks so much for the compliments! Josh and Brandon are great hosts!

      There have definitely been some people that want a longer show, some people want a shorter show. You truly can’t please everyone, so hitting the highlights, then referring you back to the show notes where you’re linked to other topics and podcasts that are related, is the way this goes.

      Real estate is something that can be talked about for not just hours, but days, weeks, etc.!

    • Sean,
      Thanks for listening to the podcast. There’s a lot that go into a turnkey business. If you search the Bigger Pockets forums, you’ll find many posts about what a turnkey business is, and how it works.

  12. Dawn, on P2P lending, do you post your request for funds before making an offer, or after acceptance? You said it takes about 10 days to get the loan, but do you have a backup plan in case you couldn’t raise the money fast enough? Thanks for the great info!

    • Sharon, thanks for listening to the podcast. This is a good question. Timing is key.

      I’ve used P2P lending on 3 properties so far. The first one, I actually decided to use it BEFORE I got the property. So it’s was kind of like being psychic that I knew I was going to get a great property. Now, I don’t advise people to try to be psychic at all. I actually had my eye on another property then the one I ACTUALLY got came up and it was even better.

      For the second and third, I used my 401(k) statement as “proof of funds” for the cash purchase then put out the ads after acceptance and got the funding in my account before closing.

      What’s nice is that you can get to 100% funding in as little as 1 day if your loan is smaller than the maximum. The larger the loan, the longer it may take to fund, because many people chip in $25 or $50. (In one case I saw someone contribute $9000 to one of my loans which was awesome!)

        • Alex,
          If you can use a 401(k) showing proof of funds, I don’t see why you can’t use an IRA statement. You can always check with a real estate agent to be sure.

  13. Dawn,
    Thank you for your contributions to the biggerpockets family. It’s great to see other areas around the country can support the 2% rule. I did a quick search on mls on found over 2000 properties listed for sale in Milwaukee area, some of them are under five digits. What makes me scratch my head is that, if rents are 700-800 dollars range why people doesn’t buy a house instead of renting? With low interest rate and high inventory in that area, why people keep renting instead of being homeowners? Isn’t it the American’s dream, maybe I am missing something? Please shed some lights on this matter, thank you.


    • The thing is that most banks don’t want to deal with loans as small as what we are talking about. From what I have seen very few banks (especially big ones) want to do loans less than $50K. So these $25K places are mostly off the table to people that can’t pay all cash.

      You probably start seeing people doing FHA loans when they start getting to sale prices around $52K, but really until you get into the mid-60s you aren’t going to see much action for loans.
      FYI these small loans will also often be more expensive as well since they will charge more fees since they still don’t want to do them when they are that size.

    • Kevin, thanks for listening to the podcast.

      When people are hit hard by the economy, they might have situations such as job loss, etc. and even if they get a job back, there are consequences to that. If they didn’t have enough savings before the job loss or being laid off, they might run up credit cards, then miss payments, and all that leads to a lower credit score. That, coupled with the low prices on buying a house, lead to more renters than buyers.

      I do believe that from talking with people, the DESIRE to buy a house versus rent is there, but the ABILITY may not be.

  14. Dawn,
    You’re so well spoken and an all around smart gal.

    Sounds like you’re matched the right financial tools for your investments and that’s just plan smart. Love innovative investors. Thanks for the inspiration and REI lessons!

  15. Another great show, and Dawn was a pleasure to listen too – so cool-headed, and not just on the forum! It was actually fun listening to it AND keeping in mind that it was a second recording

    “The Section 8 Bible” suggested reading is great – will add that to my coffee table book collection

    Btw, in your reference to Podcast 6 being the one with J Scott, it’s not – and i’m still looking for what it is :/

  16. I love listening to your podcasts. They always have me cracking up and keeps me wanting to listen more! You make the information easy to understand and are entertaining at the same time. Thank you for doing what you do.

  17. Great show by all! I feel your pain when speaking of doing business with family, but doing it with friends may even be just as hard. Thanks for the insight on P2P, hopefully a new tool to use in my next flip.

    Thanks again!

  18. Love the podcast, even with the obvious anger over having to do it twice (sarcasm intended). Thanks for the tips Dawn. I went through the working with family debacle (still licking my wounds over that one) and Settlers of Catan is the greatest game ever. We have a restaurant here in St Augustine with a dedicated Catan table with all the land features painted on tiles!

    • Wow, Leny, the Settlers of Catan table would be great to eat at during a restaurant!

      When I was at GenCon last year (uh oh, there shows my inner geek!) I played an “edible Catan” with pretzels and cookies and so forth. What fun!

  19. FYI – Lending Hub will NOT work with you if you do not have a 2012 tax return filed. They do not state this anywhere on their site and I went through the BS process of trying to work with them, submitted all the docs, jumped through hoops, only to hear that if you plan to file your return in October, as many self-employed Real Estate Investors do, you will not be able to get a loan with them.

    Buyer beware.

    Jack Bobeck

    • Hi Jack! The one I spoke about in the podcast is actually “Lending Club” not “Lending Hub”. Not sure if you went with one versus the other. There is a link in the show notes to the site that I went through. I never had to submit a tax return at all through Lending Club.

  20. Dawn, Josh, and Brandon, I really enjoyed this podcast! It was great to hear about a successful, smart woman in real estate who even does her own rehabbing. Very impressive.

    The P2P information was timely as I opened accounts at both places months before but have been on the fence about investing. After listening to Dawn talking about them, I am having funds transferred this week so I can give it a whirl. So thank you Dawn for giving us the info on it!

    By the way, I love the banter between you guys – my vote is to keep it up!

    And Brandon, loved the double rainbow video – oh my gosh, that guy was sooo weird!

    • Michelle, thanks so much!

      I would at some point like to get out of rehabbing, but I feel it’s like learning math — you do your multiplication via handwriting first before using a calculator. If you do the rehabbing yourself, or have some education on it, then it’s easier when you have to deal with those “Brandon contractors” who think they can give you a big number and you’ll swallow it because “you’re just a girl” and don’t know anything about rehab.

  21. Haim Mamane Palman on

    Love your podcasts. I listen to it everyday on the bus to and from work. Great way to start and end the day.

    Dawn – you are so eloquent and I really enjoyed listening to this show. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    • Travis,

      Borrowers can submit applications for loans on both LendingClub and on Prosper. On Lending Club, when you are on the site, click the “Borrowing” tab at the top of the page.

    • If you started playing around on the lending side and setup an account you won’t be able to look at the borrowing side.
      You’ll have to logout go back and setup a new account with a different email to look at getting your rate quote and stuff.
      It seems a little asinine but that’s how it was setup when I wanted to look at both.

      • Dawn Anastasi on

        I agree that if you are a lender, then you have to set up a separate account to be a borrower. And if you want a second loan, you have to set up yet ANOTHER email address. (I just went to Gmail and setup another account.) I do agree that they should really re-think their website regarding this aspect. I’m going to blame their web developers. πŸ™‚

        • Dawn, I tried applying for a loan from both organizations and neither accept applications from the state that I live in (Iowa). Do you have any idea why this is? I tried researching it and came up with no answer. Also, do you think there is a legal way around this? Perhaps setting up an Illinois PO box to get the job done…?

        • Tom,

          The lender may not have had their filings in Iowa. You can always email support at the site directly for a better answer.

  22. Great show guys! And girl! The “Section 8 Bible”-I’ve never read it, but thought it was great hearing Dawn’s take on the book. I’ve actually shopped a few deals to Mike McLean-one of the authors-over the past few years and I see many of the houses with “eliminated” windows around the city (I live and operate in the Philadelphia market).

  23. Matthew Graham on

    Great show everyone. I listened to it on the way to work this morning and sat in the parking lot to get the whole show. Dawn, you have a very sincere way to speak and it was a pleasure listening and learning.

  24. Dawn, great information on the P2P websites. They might be my foot in the door. Where I currently am I’ve had no luck finding HMLs. With the little cash I have and somewhat high debt to income I might have better luck getting a deal via another method rather than the conv. loan.

    • Dawn Anastasi on

      Real estate investing is great in that you DO get to be creative, and think outside the box sometimes. I love problem-solving, so this career really fits up my alley!

  25. Dawn,

    Thank you for bringing Peer Lending back to mind.
    I have known about Prosper for such a long time, but never Lending Club so thank you for giving us another avenue.


    • Dawn Anastasi on

      Thanks Warren for listing to the podcast! Yes, it’s interesting that there aren’t more companies in this game. Lending Club and Prosper seem to be the Coke and Pepsi of the P2P world.

  26. Dawn the show was great information and thanks for sharing the particular aspects of a woman in Real Estate Investing. I personally ran into similar problems renovating my rental properties and had never thought about it. It is very empowering. Thank you.

    • Dawn Anastasi on

      Nazz, thanks so much for listening to the podcast! I love hearing from women investors! Sometimes men just don’t understand how it feels to be standing next to a guy, and even though you’re in charge, have the contractor introduce himself and talk to the guy when you’re the one who made the appointment!

  27. Eric Bergey

    great show. i listened to a few and decided to start from the beginning and I am enjoying it all. I would love to learn more about the lending site. since I am just trying to get into the game and I feel it might be a start. Do you guys agree will lending to one of the sites like lending club to make a little money to start out? And how long does it take to get your money back?

    • Dawn A.

      Since the borrowers can repay the loans over either 3 or 5 years, that’s how long it will take to get your money back. So it’s not a very long-term investment, but if you want to start investing before then, you may want to choose a different avenue. It depends on how much you have, and what you want to accomplish.

  28. Julia Rowling

    Dawn – thank you for your participation on this podcast. I’ve now gone through all the earlier shows and can say that was one of my favorites. I appreciated your articulate and insightful responses and your can-do attitude. It is an inspiration to see other women achieving such success in this male-oriented business. All the best to you!

  29. Pari Thiagasundaram

    There is something that i am learning on every podcast. Yours was one of them. The references that you have listed on your website gives other investors in your area to go with quality contractors. Great stuff. Keep up the good work !

    From the other podcast, i remember Josh/Brandon talking to another guest who ask themselves, “Should i further expand my business or to scale down”. If you are being successful with all these purchases so far, i think you should look at taking your company to the next level !.

    Just my 1cent.

  30. Robert Easter

    Having heard about the Peer to peer lending options Dawn was speaking about I definitely wanted to hear what she had to say.

    I am a Lending Club investor . Lending Club is the Investment side of Lending tree, which is the borrowers side. Lending Club and Lending tree are Publically traded CUSIP “LC” (See SEC filings here ) The company went Public about January 2015.

    I have found this to be an easy low cost financial investment that takes me about 5 minutes a day to maintain. I started one year and four months ago about April 2014. I currently have 417 active loans in my portfolio ranging from $25 to $150 each. 51 loans have fully paid off. And currently I have 3 Loans in 30 -120 arrears and 1 in 16 day to 30.

    Consumer debt loans require risk mitigation strategies. As such you cannot expose yourself to risk in any one particular loan. A good strategy is one Lending tree suggests as well is spreading your risk over 100 loans per dollar level invested, i.e. 100 @ $25 loans or 100 @ $50. So I would suggest a minimum investment of $2500 investment to start… rolling your cashflow from each month back into the purchase of new loans

    (Personally I Prefer %0.002 this would require 500 Loans @ $25 each or $12,500.00 )

    My returns have been favorable. Between 8.8% and 11.35%

    The loans are structured so it pays each month both Principle and Interest with an emphasis on interest in the beginning of the life of the loan. (Run any standard Loan calculator and it will mimmick the loan payment restructure.)

    Currently, I see a monthly cash flow from my investment of $550. Approximately $160 is interest and the rest returned principle on a $15,300 original investment. I use the cash flow to purchase more loans and grow that portfolio…And with $550 dollars I can purchase 22 @ $25 loans or 11 @ $50 loans. or any combination thereof. I will continue to grow 25’s and 50 dollar loans until I have 400 – 500 of each then start growing $75 dollar loans.

    The more loans the more interest and the more risk mitigation… Currently I am purchasing and growing my $25 and My $50 loans portfolios but am also at times picking up loans for $75 bearing in mind the 100 Loan minimum for risk.

    Secondary MArket
    This is a very important aspect of Landing Club. There is a secondary market at Folio investing where you can sell loans or purchase… I do not know about Prosper I believe they also have a secondary market but not sure. I have stuck with LC because it is working.

    Selling cost a small fee, Purchasing does NOT cost a fee.
    I often get loans on Folio secondary market for 1-2% discount to principle but I no longer sell on that exchange as I have found selling not to be as profitable.

    Have I had loans default? Currently I have 1 in 16-30 day arrears and 3 over 30 days and less than 120.

    I have not had any default as of yet but considering one of my loans in 30-120 the borrower died I suspect that one will default unless his estate pays off the loan.

    Send me any questions about Lending Club if you have any..

    Robert Easter

  31. Shaidah K.

    Hi Dawn,
    I have just started going through the podcasts and am listening to them in order. It was great hearing from another successful woman in real estate. I really enjoyed your podcast! Thank you for the safety tips. Also your response to the last famous 4 question, PERSEVERANCE was motivating and inspiring. I wish you continued success!


  32. Patty C.

    Dawn, Brandon, and Josh:

    Oops, late to the podcast, but “Thank you” all for sharing crowd-funding for real estate.

    I’d like to download and listen to more of your podcasts while commuting and not use up my data, what app for androids (in your opinion) works best? (You’ve inspired me to be more astute with technology :-)).

    • Dawn A.

      Thanks for listening! If I have a long drive and there’s areas where I might drop coverage, I download the podcast as an MP3 and play it using Google Play Music which is an app that comes pre-loaded on my Android phone. No charge.

  33. Travis R.

    Great episode Dawn! Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m just starting in the Bay area of San Francisco, but my roots are in Wausau, WI with family in Milwaukee as well. So it is great to hear you are crushing it back there! I look forward to reading more of your blog! Best, Travis

  34. Julie Marquez

    Great podcast, Dawn! I was super excited to listen to you, because I see you on the forums so often and your so helpful. I’m only half way through the podcast, but I love that 1) you are female, and 2) you do a lot of the repair work yourself. I love doing the repairs on my homes, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. And I thoroughly enjoy doing the work, being hands on with my properties, and learning more about construction. I can’t wait to finish on my commute home this evening.

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