How To Find An Investor-Savvy Real Estate Agent

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Finding a real estate agent that understands what it means to be investor friendly can be extremely hard. This is an agent that understands that you will be placing in the lowest bids possible, which translates to a lot of potential work with less commission for them.

However this real estate agent not only exists but can actually be easy to find by searching for a local property management company.

This is especially helpful for new investors as they deal with the day to day managing of renovating, renting, and managing tenants for that specific local area.

Lisa Phillips

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Lisa Phillips

Lisa Phillips is an REI coach that exclusively advises everyday investors on how to cash in on working class neighborhoods for higher profits with sensible investing strategies. You can meet with her live at her weekend intensives or retreats, in the 4700+ member Sub30k Mastermind Group, or on Google+ here!


  1. That is probably a great way to find a investment property. Many people that hire a PM firm, want to get out of the investment property, and they can potentially facilitate a deal to sell the property that they are managing. Or help you identify some that way.

    I have found that many retail realtors, do not have a clue what an investment property is, let alone how to sell it to an investor. Some want you to buy any property, some do not know how to analyze a property, some do not like submitting offers that they ‘know’ will not be accepted. I have made multiple offers on different properties, knowing that some will not go through.

    All RE can be a great investment, at the right price.

    • I have to say I agree 100% It’s actually a pet peeve of mind when I hear a new investor say something like,”Well, my real estate agent said_____(enter comment a someone who has never invested might say)!” Its frustrating. Because they sell homes, they are automatically imbued by any new investor with the knowledge of how to invest homes. News flash: They can be as green as you are!

      The caveat is, however, a real estate agent running a PM company. They deal with rents, repairs, buying, selling, cashflow for that local area, and that is the kind of person you want to ask the advice of, regardless of them being an real estate agent or not. Its so obvious that this is a great way to find them (That and at real estate investing conferences), but you have to be in the game for some time before things like this become clearer.

  2. Brett Synicky on

    Love that idea Lisa! As somebody who’s currently working to become an agent part of my due diligence is figuring out what type of client I want to work with. Obviously listings will be key but working with investors can be a double dip many times over! Love the video blogging also!


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