BiggerPockets Podcast 092: No (and Low) Money Down Real Estate Investing with Brandon Turner

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What would you do if you didn’t need money to invest in real estate anymore?

That’s the question we tackle today on the BiggerPockets Podcast as we interview one of our own… Brandon Turner, to learn how he’s purchased over $2,000,000 of real estate with almost no money of his own! Brandon, although co-host on the BiggerPockets Podcast, is also an avid real estate investor who rarely-if-ever puts his own money into his deals. In this groundbreaking episode, Josh interviews Brandon about how he built his business using creativity rather than cash and the lessons that he learned along the way.

This episode will leave you inspired, refreshed, and with a laundry list of new ideas to use in your investing business to invest with less (or none) of your own cash!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • The method Brandon used to buy his first house and make $20,000BiggerPockets-Podcast-Cover 300 300
  • The one conversation that almost derailed his entire investing future
  • How Brandon bought two homes of one of the world’s most famous rockstars – and didn’t know it
  • The mistake that almost destroyed his business on the first hard money deal
  • How Brandon bought a 24 unit apartment building for no money out of pocket
  • The downside to several “no and low money down” strategies
  • Getting a partner to fund 100% of the down payment
  • Where to find great real estate deals – no matter how hot your market is
  • The legal entity Brandon uses to hold his properties and why
  • Brandon’s #1 productivity tip
  • And LOTS more!

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Tweetable Topics

  • “It’s better to have 50% of a great deal than 100% of no deal.”
  • “The foundation of a great creative real estate investment is an incredible deal.”

The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down

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In The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down, active real estate investor and co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast Brandon Turner takes readers past the hype and dives into real life strategies that investors across the world are using to invest in real estate using creativity – instead of their own cash.

In this book, you’ll explore:

  • Numerous Strategies to Mix and Match – Creative investing requires a creative mind, and this book will share numerous examples of creative deal-making.
  • Get Started with No Money or Experience – Looking for your first deal? Learn the best strategies for getting your feet wet without paying thousands!
  • The Ugly Side of Creative Investing – Learn the downsides to all the strategies mentioned in this book, as well as tips for overcoming those problems.
  • Attract Private Money, Lenders, and Partners – There are millions of millionaires walking the streets. Discover the best way to attract them to you.
  • Wholesaling, Flipping, Rentals, and More – No matter what niche or strategy you plan to use to build your real estate empire, this book can help you proceed.
  • The Truth About No Money Down Investing – Investing with little to no money down is possible, but it’s not about some step by step strategy. It’s about a mindset.

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Thanks for checking out the BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing & Wealth Building Podcast. Hosts Joshua Dorkin & Brandon Turner strive to bring top-notch educational content and interviews to our listeners -- without the non-stop pitch prevalent around the industry. With over 180,000 listeners per show, the BiggerPockets Podcast has become the biggest real estate podcast in the world. But don’t take our word for it. We’re the top-rated and reviewed real estate show on iTunes — check it out, read the reviews on iTunes, and get busy listening and learning!


  1. I haven’t listened to whole thing yet but I’ve enjoyed it so far! I plan to order the audio version of the book as well.

    I have a question on the 24 unit deal…..

    You stated you had a cash down payment of $15k on the $550k purchase price leaving a land contract note balance of $535k. I have to assume the sellers had security deposits on the 11 tenants that were in place and I assume that property taxes are prorated (maybe not in your state). What I’m getting at is what happened to those credits? Did they pay them to you at closing or did you just miss out on that extra down payment cash (credit)?

    I buy a lot of deals on land contract and I word my down payment clause in the letter of intent in the following manner….

    “The down payment is to be made up entirely from credits for prorated property taxes, prorated rent for the month closing takes place and the transfer of security deposits that you have collected from the current tenant(s). The land contract note amount will be the balance owed after the above credits have been subtracted.”

    I always close these deals on the 8th of the month so that all my payments are on the same date and it creates a 22-23 day rent credit in most cases as well. My attorney drafts my contract with blank spaces for down payment, land contract note balance and monthly payment. The title company enters those numbers once they have determined the credits due to me to be used as my down payment. I pay the roughly $700 for closing paperwork and the seller brings nothing and leave with nothing.

    • Thanks for the comment, Brandon, and great question! So we did get back SOME of the security deposits (not many) when we started the Lease Option part, but I think it was only around $3k. The guy who was foreclosed on stole the rest! But we got some taxes credited back as well, so I think we actually only came to closing with around 9k if I remember right. Thanks for listening!

  2. ohmygosh! I can hardly breathe after listening to this podcast!! It was a nail chewin, cliff hanging, ponytail twisting, sweating time following the fast pace of the adventures of Brandon. I had to turn my listening up to high speed level.

    I am passionate about seller finance so it was great to hear how you have worked it Brandon.

    This truly is the best I’ve heard so far—and that is hard to say. You guys are so freakin funny!!
    So much juice in there. Thank you for telling it like it is; the stress, the work . . I say I’m not a drama queen but I sure have a drama biz. I needed the comic relief today.

    Thanks so much for all both of you do for everyone on BP.

  3. Chris Lawrence on

    This was an awesome podcast! I was waiting to hear more about how Brandon got his start in Real Estate. Being new myself, I like to hear about how investors start out and get the funds to purchase their first couple deals. Keep up the good work guys!

  4. Great podcast. BP has the best real estate podcast definitely. Hey Brandon, I like the idea of using partners to acquire rentals. I know you said your partner provides funding for 100% of the down payment. Does your money partner fund the monthly payments as well? What about when the property is vacant? Does he or she pay for repairs and maintenance as well?

    I have heard Shaun McCloskey talk about during something similar except his money partner buys the property free and clear with no mortgage.

  5. Robbin Andersen on

    I enjoyed learning from your real estate story today while grocery shopping! I’m guessing everyone assumes I’m listening to music on my iPhone. Haha. I have several things in common with Brandon. I’m currently reading the book ABC’s of Real Estate Investing. Another similarity, I got one of my tenants at church. “You need an apartment?, Robbin has an apartment. Look her she is now!” Yes, right there on the sidewalk, the connection was made by a mutual friend. Sweet.

    Thanks again for sharing your real estate story through the podcast.

  6. Amazing podcast, one of my favorite so far! Thanks for sharing Brandon 🙂 I’m doing a similar thing with my new partnerships and it’s working out great for everyone.

    Just bought the ultimate package and I’ll start listening to it tonight at work! I appreciate you setting a good bar among the best of them.

  7. Brandon,
    Great podcast!
    And congrats on the new book!
    The first 11 properties that I bought were essentially nothing down in one fashion or another. I borrowed $2,500 from the parents and partnered on 2 other properties. I did it because I didn’t have any money, so your example should be another proof that people shouldn’t let the lack of money stop them from investing in real estate.
    David Krulac

  8. Brandon, I had to jump back here to say that I love your book! And the bonus’ on the Ultimate package are just WOOOWWW. I mean really. Talk about telling it like it is! I wish every beginning investor or people that think they want to be one would do themselves a BIG favor and listen to these every day.

    Even after a couple years of working this industry I STILL think it should be easier (I love the sweating your brains out at 3A.M. confession) that I should be making money every-single-month. Who tells the truth like you do—and your interviews do?

    I gotta say Brandon, thank you so much for your honesty partnered with pure comedy. This came at a good time for me. I’ll put away my flogging weapons now and get back to work.

    Crazy good success to you

  9. Great podcast (and I’m not 100% done, but it is all awesome so far). Brandon I love your passion for investing and it is fun to hear you talk about your journey because it is clear that you love what you do. Great stuff and good idea to have you as the guest! P.S. Be nice to Josh. –Karen

  10. I have a concern created from listening to the podcast. Josh stated that Brandon buys without using any of his own money because “he does not have any in his pockets”. For someone working with and a large part of “Biggerpockets”, it appears we have a contradiction here!!! How can one who is “Biggerpockets” actually have small pockets? . . . . . Hmmmm

    Time to ask Josh for a fat raise Brandon!

  11. Douglas Larson on

    Great podcast and thanks for the mention! I can’t wait to hear all the interviews. I just started the book and I’ll be done before the end of the week! Great stuff so far, especially when you manage to relate pepperoni pizza to investing with no money. These are also a few of my “addictions!” . . . and if there is a treatment for these vices, I don’t want it!

    – Douglas

  12. Georges Arnaout on


    I cannot wait to read this book being an all time BiggerPocket evangelist. Having said that, do you have any plans of putting it on Audible by any chance?

    Let me know

    Thanks and looking fwd

  13. Brandon, on the podcast you said you sometime partner with a person who has the money and can take a loan under his name. You also said you put the property under an LLC. How does this process work? Do you take the loan and then change title to an LLC? Is there another way to do it?


    • Im not Brandon Turner but Ill answer this by saying that smaller local banks (aka. portfolio lenders) make loans to LLC’s every day. They normally require personal guarantees.

    • Nazz Wang

      One option is to take a personal loan for the property and then put the property in a trust with the LLC as the beneficiary. This is commonly done but things will be a little tricky if you want to refinance the property.

  14. Great podcast as always. It was one of my favorites for sure. I’m going to get the “ultimate package” deal you guys talked about!

    Brandon, I have a quick question for you. Having multiple LLCs must cut into your cash flow and profits. Establishing LLC in Washington state cheaper than elsewhere? I considered LLC but looking at good insurance ($1 million liability), personal umbrella, and commercial property umbrella over my properties to save money or improve cash flow.

    Also, the doing taxes having multiple LLCs must be expensive.

  15. Great podcast guys. I had a question for you Brandon about one of your answers to the famous four. You mentioned the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey as one of your favorite business books. I’m reading it now but I’m finding it discouraging towards real estate investors…All of his preaching about not using debt as a tool is counter intuitive to using it as leverage for re investing. Did you just ignore that aspect of the teaching and focus on the budget stuff?


    Grayson (Nashville TN)

  16. Nazz Wang

    @Brandon Turner
    Great show guys! I loved the partnership portion! All the specifics you shared are really helpful for people who are venturing into partnerships.

    One thing I can’t rationalize is why would an investor choose to have a partner instead of taking a loan from the same person. For the person with the money, he / she will not exactly how much return to expect and will not need to do any work or face any risks. For the real estate investor like myself, I will not have to reach consensus with every decision regarding the property, will have complete control over the investment and how to run it. I also wouldn’t have to set up a business structure or maintain it. Why would I choose to have a partner instead of just borrowing his money?

  17. Kimberly Gillock

    alright, a little behind the 8-ball and just finished this one– loved it! First of all, thank you both @brandonturner and @joshdorkin for always keeping it entertaining. I found myself laughing a lot during this particular podcast! Second, thanks for changing the way I think about financing deals, ie- “it’s an art, not a science.” Love that! Looking into more house hacking and seller financing for my next few deals (as interest rates start to rise that whole 20-25% down thing is going to be a literal deal breaker). Thank you all so much for doing these podcasts– I’ve learned so much since I joined BP! Can’t wait to read the full version of the low & no money down book!

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