4 Common Mobile Home Title Issues (& How to Best Fix Them!)

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In almost every state, mobile homes and manufactured homes are transferred from buyer to seller via a slip of state-issued paper called a title. If the mobile home is a single-wide, then there will be only one title; however, if the home is a double-wide or triple-wide, then two or more titles should be accounted for.

A mobile home title will be issued from the state in which the mobile home resides. The title outlines pertinent information, such as the home’s vehicle identification number, serial numbers, make, model, year built, owner’s name, lien holder’s info and much more. A mobile home title is nearly equivalent to the title of your personal vehicle. A mobile home title should be kept private and stored in a safe place.

If a mobile home seller has a clear title with no liens, there will be little resistance in transferring the mobile home ownership from the current seller to the new buyer.

Depending on your state, a mobile home title is typically transferred at your local Department of Motor Vehicles, Town Clerk, or motor vehicle administration. Texas and California residents may prefer to mail in their documents, as these states only have one or two mobile home titling department branches statewide.

Oftentimes while mobile home investing, you will be faced with challenges concerning a mobile home’s title(s) and correctly transferring them into your possession. Common title problems arise due to a title being lost, the actual owner on title not being present, the title being missing or the current seller not yet putting the title into their name from when they bought the home, along with multiple other situations due to common mistakes.

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In the bullets below, I will outline the most common title issues and some wise ways to proceed forward.

4 Common Mobile Home Title Issues (& How to Best Fix Them!)

1. The title is lost or missing.

If the current seller is the legal owner of record, then there is a simple and easy process to obtain a duplicate title. Call your local mobile home titling agency to inquire about specific steps moving forward. Typically the owner of record needs only to provide proof that he or she is the owner and pay a small fee.

2. The title is missing and the seller is not the actual owner.

Sometimes when a new buyer closes on a mobile home, they do not immediately run down to transfer the title into their ownership. This happens for many reasons; however, legally the buyer is not the true owner until the title is registered into his/her name, or an entity he or she controls. In these cases it is not good if the title(s) are then lost or go missing.

a. Is the owner available?

  • If yes: If the owner is available, you must contact them immediately. Many times they will agree to obtain a duplicate copy of the mobile home title(s) if you pay for this small cost. The legal owners (prior sellers) will do this in order to transfer the home out of their name so they are not liable for taxes or accidents on a property that they didn’t think they still owned.
  • If no: If the owner is not available, then they must be tracked down in order to proceed ahead. A private eye or skip tracer may be helpful in tracking down the current owner.

Pro Tip: You will see occasions when buyers and sellers have “transferred ownership” via a separate piece of paper known as a Bill of Sale. A Bill of Sale acts as a meeting of the minds and as a receipt typically given when selling personal property. While this process may be sufficient for the buyer, seller and even park manager, it is not sufficient enough to transfer legal ownership from one person to another. The original owner is still the legal owner and can come back any time to take possession of his or her home.

b. The owner passed away.

Do you have the owner’s power of attorney for handling this property or a death certificate and immediate family? If yes, then you will likely be able to obtain a duplicate title by filing the correct forms with your state. If you do not, then you may want to ask your state the best course of action moving forward to obtain legal ownership of this mobile home. Obtaining clear title may or may not be possible.

Pro Tip: Always verify with your state that yearly taxes have been paid and are current. If a seller has not transferred a title into his or her name, then he or she may not be up to date paying taxes.

3. The title is present, but the seller is not the actual owner.

This scenario is the most common hurdle you will see as a used mobile home investor. In situations like this, your seller will be in physical possession of the current original mobile home title; however, it may or may not be signed and dated by the buyer(s) and seller(s).

  • If the true owner on title has already signed on the seller’s line, then simply have your seller sign as buyer and quickly transfer the title into the current seller’s name. Once the seller is the actual owner, they can now transfer their clear title to you without worry. Call your state to verify that this double transfer can be completed in one day.
  • If the true owner has not signed on the seller’s line, then this must be completed before the title can be legally transferred into the purchaser’s name. Track down the legal owner to have his or her signature placed on the seller’s line.

Pro Tip: Avoid forging documents. If you can’t find the legal owner listed on the title, it may be tempting for you or your seller to forge the legal owner’s signature on the title. Some people can rationalize that this is a victimless crime. With that being said, it is still a crime and illegal.

  • If your seller has a title that is signed by the owner but the buyer’s signature lines are blank, it can be tempting to skip over your current seller and transfer the title from the legal owner straight to you. While this can technically be done, most states consider it illegal, as you are skipping the chain-of-title and not placing the home into your current seller’s name first. You may not get caught; however, do this at your own risk.

Pro Tip: Be aware that most states charge a late fee for delaying the transfer of a mobile home title from a buyer to a seller if not completed within X number of days. This late fee will be paid when the title is eventually transferred into the new buyer’s name.

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4. The title is present, but there are liens still showing.

If there are active liens still on the title, then the owner will not likely be in physical possession of the home’s title(s). It is most common for the lien holders to physically hold the title(s) until they are paid off in full. At this point, a new title is issued showing zero active liens, or the lien holder simply signs a “Release of Lien” located on the title or provided on a separate form given to the owner. Both of these methods show the home is free and clear from debt.

If you run into a situation where a mobile home seller is in possession of their title with active liens, it is important to understand if this is an error or if there is still money owed on the mobile home. Being present with the seller as they call up the bank or loan servicer to confirm a principal balance pay off will answer this question. Once you know the amount of the lien you can decide to move forward accordingly.

Pro Tip: Always call your state to verify the mobile home’s VIN or serial numbers and confirm if there any active liens showing on the title. Some states will have this information at their fingertips, and other states will not be as technologically advanced.

When you are able to go the extra mile to solve a seller’s problem and close another mobile home investment property, you will find yourself competing with less and less investors and buyers. For most questions in real estate, the answer is typically, “it depends.” If you are a determined investor and are working with motivated sellers, you can typically come to legal win-win solutions that accomplish the goals of all parties. Continue helping others and going the extra mile to solve problems when possible.

Have any questions about mobile home title issues?

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    • John Fedro

      Hi Adam,
      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. Thank you for mentioning the point about double wide double homes having two titles. This varies from state to state. In many states a double wide trailer will have two titles, and a single wide trailer will have three titles. However in a few states double wide and triple wide mobile homes will only have one mobile home title that designates both sides on the one title. To make sure it is best that you call your states mobile home title department to verify taxes are current, the owner is who they say they are, how many titles there should be, and that there are no hidden liens that you do not know about. This is the best way to make sure you know how many titles should be present at closing. It is better to have more clarity than less. I hope this helps and make sense. As always, if you ever have any follow-up questions or comments never hesitate to reach out any time. All the best.
      Talk soon,

      • Amanda S Baghdadi on

        I actually have a question, we just bought a mobile home in full, we’ve been here a month and previous owner contacted me saying owner of shed will be by to get his shed and will probably have a court order. Previous owner said nothing about the shed not being hers. It’s my shed and I don’t understand.

        • John Fedro

          Hi Amanda,
          Thank you for commenting. I apologize about the delay in this reply. Did they come by for the shed? Depending on the situation there could be a variety of things going on however definitely do not let anyone take your shed unless there is a sheriff present I can verify what is going on. Keep us posted please. Please feel free to reach out here with any questions or contact me directly via email. All the best.
          Talk soon, John

    • Bran jimenez

      So I have a question maybe you can help me out with my mother recently passed away she did not have a will but she did own an older mobile home and it was located in a senior Mobile Home Park renting the space. Apparently my youngest sibling my brother has been paid by the mobile home park to hand over the title. Now my question is what are my rights and what should I do moving forward since there is a total of 3 children. We we’re not in agreeance with this meaning myself in my other sibling nor even contacted about a transaction being done and selling ever property and removing all personal property in her mobile home?? Any feedback is welcomed

  1. Judy Haseker on

    My name is Judy and I have been searching for an answer online. I made a horrible mistake. I took a big part of my retirement savings and bought and fixed up a double wide. I had never done this before. At the time I bought it, I didn’t even realize it was a double wide. Yes, I was that blinded by thinking I was going to make a quick buck. Anyway, the owners and I went to the courthouse & an abstract company where we completed the papers for a “Quick claim deed”. I paid them, and away they went. I went though hell with 3 different “contractors” getting the place basically gutted and ready to sell. I hired Coldwell Banker (Paula Hill) to sell it. Signed the contract Oct. 2015. Paula calls me a few days later and asks me where the title is. I never got one. Didn’t know there was supposed to be one. I, not Paula, have made several phone calls trying to figure out what to do. The VIN isn’t on the mobile home. The siding has been taken off so we could look. I’m at a loss here. I don’t know what to do or where to turn. I’m handicap and in my 60’s. The contract with Coldwell expires this month thank God. They have done absolutely nothing! I refuse to give them another penny. There’s no fool like an old fool. Can you steer me in the right direction ?

    • John Fedro

      Hi Judy,

      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. I apologize about the gross delay in this comment reply. I assume by now the situation has resolved itself. If not I will still ask some questions and give some thoughts below. First things first, I very much regret to hear that the homes “status” was not mentioned to you. I will agree that many newer double wide manufactured homes look like single-family residences from the inside. Some of them even look like traditional houses from the outside as well. You mentioned the term “quitclaim deed” in your comment which makes me think of Florida. If this is where you are located that I know of a decent attorney that may be able to help you. With that said you would still need some identifying markers or numbers pertaining to the mobile home so it could be traced back and another title could be reissued. When the manufactured home was legally joined and married to the land the title may have been relinquished and given to the state. The state should have a record of the homes information either on the legal description, or held somewhere by the property appraiser or tax collector’s office. I assume that you exhausted these routes already however if not I would pursue them for sure. Please feel free to contact me with regards to the attorneys information and I’ll be happy to point you in that direction as well. Never hesitate to reach out with any additional follow-up questions or concerns any time. All the best.

      Talk soon,

  2. I took possession and moved a single-wide. Seller reported they did not have title after the fact. I contacted titled owner after a state title search. Titled owner is cooperative. Problem: There is an old, old mortgage lien. Bank is defunct and merged many times. I have a loan number but the property passed out of owner’s hands almost 20 years ago.It was a park closure sale. How do I charge-off the lien with no lien-holder to be found and satisfy the state manufactured housing division?

    • John Fedro

      Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. I apologize about the severe delay in this comment reply. For some reason I was not being alerted that anyone was commenting on this article. With that said, I regret to hear about your situation. I get regular emails of similar situations all around the country. The answer and path forward changes from state to state a bit. Please email me personally if possible or comment back here with with state you are located in and I would be happy to give you what information I can. Happy to help.

      Talk soon,

  3. There is no feasible way to “forge” a signiture on a title, since all signitures, both sellers and buyers, must be notarized. A notary will require a picture ID of all signors before they will notiarize the signiture. Why isn’t this information stated here?

    It is standard for a buyer of a used mobile home (or vehicle) to simply go to your courthouse with the owner and do the transfer there. They can check for any liens that aren’t listed on the title (the owner may have an old title that isn’t updated), and any problems with legal ownership of that owner. Better safe than to have problems later.

    • I bought a mobile home from a tenant in my park. He drew up a contract, signed the contract,
      signed the title, and told me to get it notarized by someone because he signed it. He cashed my checks for the purchase of the home, (Undisputed), now he is claiming the title work is bad and
      he wants his home back, but does not want to pay me back either. He is not paying lot rent or
      rent and is seeking a jury trial. He’s definitely in the wrong, but has a lawyer and is full of lies and deceit.

    • John Fedro

      Hi Teri,

      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. In many states a notary is not required when signing a vehicle or mobile home title. I agree with you that it probably should be standard. Moving forward if you ever have any follow-up questions or concerns never hesitate to reach out any time. All the best.

      Talk soon,

  4. Please help me before i have no where to live.
    The manager of the park i live in after 17 years now wants a title when they know we never got one when we got the home. We were given a title for a diff mobile home. And now When i give the DMV the VIN/Serial number theres no title for this home. I dont know what to do the property taxes are under some random mobile home our Title we were given is for a diff mobile home. It’s like this one never existed. The guy we were originally going through got introuble for fraud and either went on the run or jail and we never were able to locate him. The realtor he went through was given the property because he lost it. He matched all the titles to the other mobile home he had this mobile home and a title for a diff one so he just gave it to us any ways. I’m told i have to go back to when it was made and sold first.

    • John Fedro

      Hi Sheri,

      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. I apologize about the delay in this comment reply. I hope you have found answers to your questions already however if not please see my thoughts below. New management coming into the park or new policies can sometimes require all the residents show proof they have title and clear ownership of the homes. I regret to hear that they are being so firm and hostile towards you without trying to work with you after all these years. The answer to your questions about moving forward vary from state to state. If you could email me personally or comment back what state you are located in that would be very helpful. Let me know what state you’re in and I’ll be happy to help from there. Additionally, where did you find the homes current serial number? Is this a number you were provided by someone or did you find this number somewhere inside the manufactured home?

      Talk soon,

    • John Fedro

      Hi Tom,

      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. I really really regret to hear that you may be going through this situation. I could certainly talk at length about moving forward to try to close this property and have the lien removed if at all possible. However this may or may not be possible. What is possible is suing the fraud who pretended to own and sell you a mobile home they could never sell you. Was a physical title even provided? Please feel free to email me personally with more details and any follow-up questions or concerns. Keep in touch.

      Talk soon,

    • Hi John,

      I have the same issue. I am buying a single wide from a guy. We have a simple hand written contract stating that I put so much down and pay so much a month until next year when I get more money to pay it off. He moved to a different state. I have occupied the residence now and just found out that there is a lien on the place. What do I do to protect myself?

    • John Fedro

      Hi Helen,

      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. I apologize about the slight delay in this comment reply. I hope this comment reaches you in time. Please remember that you most likely have every right to not proceed with this deal. You can simply wait for a buyer to come along that has all-cash to pay for the property. With regards to your question, the way that you described things, I would very much encourage you to be the lien holder on the title for sure. The park can do whatever paperwork it wants however you should absolutely 100% remain as lien holder until you are paid every time that you are owed. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns moving forward.

      Talk soon,

  5. John Fedro

    Hi Debbie,

    Thank you for reaching out and connecting. Additionally, thank you for your detailed, and is the certainly helps me answer your question better. Most states do require some type of mobile home title or physical ownership transferring from one party to another party when a mobile home sells. However in a few states, mainly the Northeast, a bill of sale is sufficient to show evidence of ownership. However if you are not in the New England area then a “bill of sale” does not legally sell interest in a mobile home. If the VIN or serial number is on the bill of sale or the mobile home specifically, I would very much encourage you to call the local DMV or local mobile home title department to asked them about the mobile home in question. Give them the serial number and asked them if there are any liens on the property and if the taxes are current. Also try to find out who owns the property and explain your situation to the clerk over the phone. Moving forward you will likely have more follow-up questions and concerns for sure. Please feel free to keep in touch. All the best.

    Talk soon,

    • Barbara owenby on

      I have a 1986 worldwide mobile home in Ga that I want to sale.i never got a title or bill if sale,just a deed for the land that it is on.,and have been paying for the sticker tax every year and property tax separate.now the real estate co says that I have to have a title before I can sell it .what do I do now.? Thank you

  6. John,
    I am in the process of buying a doublewide that sits on a permanent foundation and is taxed as real estate. The problem is that when the bank foreclosed on it and got the court order for new titles to the house to surrender to the tax auditor, they never did. Since then the bank has turned it over to HUD to sell and that is where I came in as the buyer and got my offer accepted. I can close on the place but would have to get a court order for the titles to the home or wait for the bank (Wells Fargo) to finish what they should have done a year ago. I have the court documentation that there are no liens or anyone else having claim to the house itself. Is there anyway HUD or Wells Fargo could come back after I close on the place and take the home from me or is it safe to finish the sale and go fix the title issue myself without a lawyer? I know that legally, I would have deed to the land, foundation, well and septic but just need the title to finally make the house part of the deed.

  7. Anita Doyle

    My father just passed away and left me hi dbl wide mobile home. He purchased in 2006 with his girlfriend who also passed 8 years ago. I found an old registration doc but no title. It did say joint tenants with right of survivorship. The problem is we dont have her death cert and dont know how to contact family. Where do i go and what do i do? Is there anything else i need to do? Im readding alot on the net and this looks like its going to be a hassle. There is no will. Thanks Anita

  8. Shannon Riehl on

    I have a mobile home in Stuart Florida that I put a friends name on my title so he could live there can I sell the mobile home with out him sighing the title .

  9. Lorenzo Ramirez on

    My story is my cousin bought a single wide financed for 25 years. After 10 years he desided not to keep it. So he asked me if I would take over payments. So I did took it out of his land and transferred it to my own land. He called the finance company and told them the situation. It was all verbal. 6 years have past of me making payments. Haven’t seen or heard from my cousin in 5 years. I’m trying to put it on my name but bank won’t allow it unless my cousin writes some kind of letters to them. But like I said he’s nowhere to be found. Asked his brothers and sisters. My cousins. For his whereabouts and same thing they haven’t seen him. But they did advise me that the last time someone saw his was when he was moving to Mexico. Because he owes the IRS a big chunk of change. So is there something I could do to save the home? or do I just let it go and count my losses?

  10. Joseph Prath on

    I just purchased a double wide in the state of GA. The double wide is not married to the property so it has its own titles. It was an estate. There was a bonded title that was purchased by the seller. After weeks of waiting (living with in-laws) we were told that it was safe to close on the house and just wait for the titles to come in. So we closed using a closing attorney as we were paying cash. The sellers realtor took on the power of attorney to finish up any issues with the titles.

    It has now been 9 weeks since closing and we have no titles. The tax office says that there is a lien (Co. name and person) who is not even the name of the seller. We were told to call Atlanta and they said it does need a lien release. Putting the puzzle together… the sellers realtor mentioned before closing we were waiting on a letter that was certified to come as undelivered to satisfy a lien. Supposedly that letter came and they took the documents to be filed.

    So to continue… Atlanta says to satisfy the lien if a company no longer exists you need to send the certified letter that comes back undeliverd… and get a letter from the secretary of state that confirms they are not in business. when we called the secretary of state they said to call DMV. DMV comfirms the lien but cannot tell us more unless we get a letter of testamentory or a letter of administration. Can you please help me understand what I need to do and how much trouble I am in?

  11. We purchased a double wide over 30 years ago. The lender we used to purchase the loan was paid off because we refinanced. The lender we used to refinance sold our loan and of course the way the mortgage industry works, it was sold several other times after that. The problem we’re having is the original company we used to purchase the mobile home is still showing a lien on the title, however they’ve since gone out of business as well as the first 2 or 3 companies that serviced our loan. DMV will not take the lien off even though it’s over 30 years old and there’s no sign of it on our credit report.

  12. South Carolina: Mobile Home is 37 years old and has been been on the same piece of property for 37 years. The Realtor states the mobile home has never had a title. Research done by me, there is a bill of sale on record at the Planning and Zoning Office, but they only have records dating back to 1989 when the department was established and a title was not required at that time. Is this still risky to purchase the land and mobile home? All taxes have been paid on the property.

  13. Hi, my situation is my name and my mothers name are on title of mobile home. She has a gambling problem, she lives in mobile home and tells family members that if they pay her a monthly amount she will leave them the mobile home when she passes. She then forges the documents, and changes name to hers and whom ever she is lying to at the time. I have been paying her for years and as of right now my name and hers are on title. I recently heard she is looking for the title to change to my brothers name. I have original title, what can I do to protect myself? I called and asked for a flag on title incase she tried to forge my signature off but they say they cant do that and I can call there every so often to see if she had my name removed. What should I do?

    • The author of this article is not responding. I ended up talking to an attorney that is familiar with this type of stuff. I would recommend calling a realtor in your area and ask if they know of an attorney that works with manufactured home issues.

  14. Yup. I have a problem. As I am always trying to help people I have been helping a 66 yr old man who got out of a half way house with a place to live. Believing he was on such a fixed income I didn’t charge rent other then lot rent and his own utilities. I ended up selling to him for small paymts but now he has shut me out. Can he?

  15. hi my husband and I Are paying cash and buying a double wide and for title purposes was told it should be titled ex: John Doe or Jane Doe verses John Doe and Jane Doe. Never have titled anything as Or verses And. what would be the reasoning to do that? If one of us passed away wouldn’t a death certificate surfice if ever wanting to sell? Please help we are closing and not sure why we need to do or?

    • Jamie Crawford

      I bought a single wide from a individual and today I called to have title transferred into my name and was told there is a mortgage lien on it but I have the title is that possible? I was advised to get ahold of the person and let them know and he said it was a tax lien not a mortgage. I was wondering can a tax lien show up as a mortgage lien? It

  16. Hello, thank you so much for this useful information. My situation is that I bought a repo’d mobile home from a dealer 17 years ago. My mother lived in the house for 15 years and passed away. Going thru her things I never found a title or the original paperwork so I contacted the State (Texas) who keeps up with titles. They said the house is still in the previous owners name with a lien against it from the original finance company who is now out of business. The dealer that sold the home to the original owners is out of business. The lot that I bought the house from does not keep records that long. The movers did not permit the move nor did they file the final paperwork saying where it was moved to and set up. So the only proof that I have that I own the home is that it sets on my property. Any help you can offer me would be greatly appreciated.

  17. I purchased a mobile home in the state of Massachusetts with someone and he has since passed does the mobile home the long solely to me if he never changed the title to his children

  18. We paid for our Modular, when we purchased it over 20 years ago, would like to know if it is legal for Park to ask me to give them a copy of our title. Thought this a little strange. Teetah

  19. We bought a manufactured home in September 2007, kids are grown and time to sell now but realized we never got a title.
    Washington State DOL has no record of title. Paid cash for home. Waiting for word from County auditor if seller paid sales tax ($7,200). Seller closed business a few years ago.
    In a bind.

  20. Shawn H Perkins on

    I purchased a mobile home from a lady. I signed the title she gave me the title, but I have not registered it yet. I would like to scratch my name off as the purchaser and give it to my girlfriend, and add her name as the purchaser so she can go down and register it in her name. would it be a problem to scribble out my name and add hers or white out my name and had hers so she can go down and register the title ,I live in the state of Florida?

  21. Martin Garnaas on

    the 2 owners of the mobile home that are listed on title are husband and wife. the husband has passed away and the wife wants to add her son onto the title. Can she do this if there is a lien on the title. there is a motrgage on the mobile home also.

  22. Please i can use some advise. 3 years ago i was ready to purchase a home i stayed with my sister in her trailer till i vould find w h at i wanted when i moved in she was in foreclosure and had two weeks to vacate so i sent them a letter stating i was renting from her so we got 30 days to vacate so in about 15 days into it my mother passed and i went into a manager depression so we had two weeks to be out so i contacted the bank and made a deal to buy it from them before they put it up for auction i have a copy of the cashed check all the foreclosure documents and a letter from my sister to ssi stating that i brought the trailer all the receipts of repairs that ive made and receipts for the taxes that ive paid the last three years now my sister has turned evil and tells me that the trailer is in her name and she can evicte me whenever she feels like it how do i go about putting it in my name? Do i take her to court with all my documents w h at recourses do i have ? Any thoughts would be most helpful thank yo for your time. Marsha

    • John Fedro

      Hi Marsha,

      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. I very much regret to hear about the situation you are in, especially when dealing with your own family. It absolutely sounds like you certainly have a partial right to the property, if not more. Please see the following link with regards to some instructions for transferring title into your name, or at least adding your name to the current ownership. https://www.mobilehomeinvesting.net/california-mobile-home-title-transfer/ With that said this cannot be done without the current owner signing off on one of the needed forms provided through the link. Did you ever get a power of attorney on behalf of your sister, if you did you may be able to use this to transfer some ownership. However my best advice for you would be to contact a local real estate attorney that offers one free hour consultation. Bring all your documents and aim to get all your questions answered in this free hour. I apologize that you are having to go through all of this. I hope this starts to help and points you in the right direction. Things may get a little worse before they get better however if you have any follow-up questions or concerns please never hesitate to reach out any time. All the best.

      Talk soon,

  23. Sheila Tingley on

    Hi ..I am dealing with a tough situation..I sold a mobile home back in 2014! The lady i sold it too never transferred the title in to her name and eventually sold the trailer in 2016. I recently received a tax statement holding me responsible for the past taxes! and apparently the trailer have traded hands several times ! what is my course of action! Thank you so much in advance

    • John Fedro

      Hi Sheila,
      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. This happens to more mobile home sellers than you may realize. It is important that you hopefully have the bill of sale or sales paperwork you signed with the purchaser back in 2014. If you have this then you should be able to show evidence that the home was sold to your buyer in that you were no longer the owner starting this day. However if they do demand that the taxes be paid, they usually place a lien on the title versus going after you personally for the back to amount. With that said in a few states they would go after you personally for this back to amount. It is best definitely to be honest and call the phone number on the tax receipt/bill you received. I hope this helps and starts to point you in the right direction. As always, if you ever have any follow-up questions or concerns please never hesitate to reach out any time. All the best.
      Talk soon,

  24. I was giving the title to my trailer signed and it was singed by me also… The ex boyfriend took it marked through my signature and signed it… I have the title now what do I do

    • John Fedro

      Hi Ann,
      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. If I’m understanding you correctly then the ex-boyfriend scratched out things and signed things on the title itself. If this is the case than when you go to transfer the title the state will most likely not accepted because it looks as if there may be some fraudulent signatures going on. For this reason I would encourage you to get the owner of title to obtain a duplicate title so that you may use that moving forward if you ever want to sell the property. I hope this helps and answers your question. If I’m not understanding it correctly or you have any follow-up questions never hesitate to reach out any time. All the best.
      Talk soon,

  25. Maria Patterson on

    Hi! Hope you can help me. My husband, son and I purchased a 1977 manufactured home in new York in 2010. There was never a title as far as we know because of its age. Because we were going through a bankruptcy my son’s name is the only one on the bill of sale however all of our name is on the mortgage. My son moved to Texas 2 years ago and never paid any of the mortgage payments. How do we get our name listed as home owner? Do we just need him to write a bill of sale? There is still an outstanding loan on the home. Thanks

    • John Fedro

      Hi Maria,

      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. Additionally, thank you for your questions. I apologize about the delay in this reply. I assume by this time you have already received answers to the questions above. However for the folks reading, and you as well, I would encourage you to reach out to the link below. Please click on your state to learn more about the title transfer process. I hope this helps and starts to point you in the right direction. As always, if you ever have any follow-up questions or concerns please never hesitate to reach out any time. Always happy to help if possible. Keep in touch. All the best. https://www.mobilehomeinvesting.net/mobile-home-title-transfer-state-by-state/

      Talk soon,

  26. John,
    Great article thanks. My daughter is selling a single wide in a park in FL. Her closing on her new home is a month away. The purchaser wants to buy trailer in cash and transfer title now and she feels hesitant to do this. How could this be done legally and safely? Or any other insight you can share. TIA, ~Cheers, Laura

    • John Fedro

      Hi Laura,

      I apologize about the delay in this comment reply. I assume that by now you are taking care of this situation and hopefully everything has worked out as expected. However for other folks reading I will be happy to answer you still. There are a couple options that you have moving forward. You can sell the home and write up another agreement that states that you will be able to stay inside of the home up until a certain date before you’re going to move out. Your other choice is to sell it without any written agreement. And another choice is to wait until your daughter is ready to sell the home to release title. Remember that you have what this buyer wants. They want your mobile home. With that said you can absolutely take a deposit from this buyer and make sure they are approved at the park so that as soon as your daughter is ready to sell they are ready to close too. I hope to sell to make sense. As always, if you ever have any follow-up questions or concerns never hesitate to reach out any time. All the best.

      Talk soon,

  27. Justina Brooks on

    Hi my BF bought a mobile home back in August of 2017 in GA. He never switched the title to his name and is in jail. The people who sold it to us paid the taxes again in march of 2018 and applied for lost title. I just have the bill of sale but not in my name. Is there anything I can do? Or is it legally theirs again.

    • John Fedro

      Hi Justina,
      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. I regret to hear about your boyfriend being in jail at the moment. I also regret to hear that simply because the taxes were paid the sellers are going to take their property back. With that said I can certainly understand their point of view if they continually have to pay taxes. However perhaps they do not want to take the home back in would simply rather the title be transferred as was agreed to back in August. Try to reach out to the sellers yourself to see if you can transfer the title into your name. This would require them signing the title and bill of sale over to you however perhaps they would be okay doing this with your boyfriend’s permission. Either way I definitely encourage you to reach out to these folks to see if anything can be done. Also feel free to go to this page that talks a little bit of more about the closing process in Georgia with regards to a mobile home in a park. It may help answer any other questions that you have with regards to the titling process or who you can talk to in the state. https://www.mobilehomeinvesting.net/georgia-mobile-home-title-transfer/ As always, if you ever have any follow-up questions or concerns never hesitate to reach out any time.
      Talk soon, John

  28. Alex prashaw

    Hello, I bought a double wide in NY. It had fire damage and the owner wanted to sell me the land and damaged home. I bought the land and home and we closed with a lawyer agency. I completley gutted the house and rebuilt it I am about 90% finished after about 30k invested. I went to bank and asked to refinacnce for 15k so i can finish everything up. They said yes and asked for my deed abstract and title. I have a deed and abstract that the lawyers gave me after closing but i have never recieved a title. I called the dmv title bureau they said there has never been a title for that home. I cant refinance with out this title but it was never applied for. I found the 1st person who owned the home. I contacted them about the title they will not answer me back and dont seem to want to be bothered. Im really distraught about the whole thing could these people come on my land and take this house back ive put all savings into? This house has been sold twice now and how did the closing lawyers miss the title each time? Is there anything i can do about this situation? please help me!!!!

  29. Amber Firdous

    I purchased my first home , mobile home in April 2018, I had to be approved by the park before I could finish the sale and when I was, we finished the transaction with the seller handing over the blank title with her name signed after she received full payment in cash from me. I even made sure to involve the park manager as a witness and she also assured me there was no leins. I never went and got the title registered and switched to my name due to multiple reasons including money issues, I was at the end of my pregnancy and other personal problems and I also believed my title was safe in the folder I left it in and was planning on getting it switched over as soon as things got better. I just found out my ex boyfriend stole the blank title [(signed by seller) but not signed by me, the purchaser]and went and had it transferred to his name without my knowledge of it even being missing…. I’m so shocked that someone could even do that to another person that has helped them so much I never even dreamed this could ever happen. I have many witnesses to me being the legal buyer and also a bill of sale. Also the park rules are that they must approve all sales first so is there even a possibility he could somehow lie and say I sold it to him before he transferred it against my knowledge or permission? And what legal actions can I take against him for something like this if I do not want him getting away with doing such a sneaky backstabbing horrible thing to try and take my home from me where I live with my two kids as a single mom…. I definitely want and need to press charges if possible but more importantly make sure there’s no way he will actually get away with taking legal ownership of the home I purchased with my own money and have a lease where I live and pay lot rent which is in my name only. Please pleasee anyone who can help me with information reply…asap …thank you !!

    • John Fedro

      Hi Amber,
      Thank you for reaching out and connecting here. First things first, I regret very much that this person did this to you and is causing you all these headaches. With that said it is not like you are simply going to back down and walk away from the mobile home. Thank you for the detailed comment is the certainly does let me help you a bit more and try to help point you in the right direction moving forward.
      Definitely reach out to a real estate attorney in your local area. Aim for one that offers one-free hour consultation to get your questions answered. It may be good to have an attorney to go after this person legally if possible. However you definitely want to clear things up with the local mh title department that this was fraudulent and this home was not sold. They are the ones that can reverse the title, however they will need to see proof that you are still in the home and will likely need other documents from you as well. I’m not sure which state you are in so these documents may change depending on the state. If he has a key to the mobile home I would definitely change all of the locks so that this person cannot get in. He definitely does not seem trustworthy and is definitely criminal in stealing your mobile home.
      You mentioned that someone has to get approved before purchasing a mobile home in the community. Now that the title has switched to his name he can sell this to another person that intends to move the home out of the community, where he can move the home out of the community as well. That is why it is important to call the local manufactured housing titling department in your state. In some states this is the DMV however in other states the mobile home title is transferred in different locations. The new owner, your ex-boyfriend, could try to evict you from the mobile home however you would definitely show up in front of a judge and explain your case and likely get the home back that way. The park could also evict the home and then take ownership of the property to then sell back to you for the cost of the eviction.
      In short, you are definitely in the right and as long as you act quickly things should likely be reversed at the state level. You may likely a follow-up questions and concerns. Please feel free to reach out to me directly by email or comment back here. Happy to help when possible. All the best.
      Talk soon, John

  30. Irma Cavazos Rios

    Hi John….my situation is I finished paying a mobile home….in July 2017…..at that time I was only given a bill of sale…and was told it did not need a title….seeing that it’s an older model trailer……its a 1981 Holliday….I was taken to small claims court appeared twice and the second judge finally dismissed it….my question is who is legally the owner….seeing that I have no title…..and the property manager that sold it to me doesn’t either….plus the serial number doesn’t exist…..what is there to do…..tia

  31. Marylyn Hawkins

    Hi, I hope you can reply quickly as my question is very urgent… I am trying to decide whether I should back out of a sale of my 2015 mobile home… It has never had a lein on it and is totally paid for. I have good buyer that wants to finance it… It has been in the process for going on 3 months with a mortgage co… whos is working with a lending co who finally is saying it will close soon but no exact date yet… I was told by mortgage co that the closing process would be to sign the Bill of Sale, Sign the Title over and this would be sent to the Lender…. the buyer would write me a down payment check but I do not know the amount… The Lender would overnight me the remainder check when they got the paper work… I am leary that this could be a scam… I have sold MH’s and houses before and always got the money at time of signing the papers… What do you think I should do? This could be happening in next 3 days… My thinking right now is to tell them I need a certified check at closing… but I fear the whole deal will be cancelled… I would not be so worried if I had not already moved out of the mobile home and now have the finances of 2 places to take care of… my money is running out quickly. Thank you for your quick reply!!!!

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