New House Purchase Checklist - Due Diligence Period

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Checklists can be incredibly helpful when trying to do large, complex, repeatable tasks in your real estate business. They can help you avoid making stupid little mistakes, reduce your stress level, and always give you a clear picture of what comes next. This document is the checklist I use in my own real estate business when buying a new property. Although it is focused more on buying from private sellers, a person could use this for MLS deals as well. This document is not meant to be "exhaustive" and your purchase may include many more, or less, steps. This is meant only to be a guide.

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Thank you for all your help ....

Scott T. | over 3 years ago  

A true gem!

Roberto Martinez | almost 4 years ago  

Exactly what I was looking for in a due diligence checklist. Thank you.

Ken Nyczaj | almost 5 years ago  

Very helpful document !

Daniel Llewellyn | almost 5 years ago  

Thank you for your guidance and assistance!

Candace Cooper | over 5 years ago