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This 10-page document certainly isn't an "everything you need to know about doing appraisals and estimating resale value," but should be enough to teach anyone the basics of estimating ARV.

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Checking it out now, thanks!!

Don Taylor | 3 months ago  

I do not understand how a 5 year old house with those amenities and 4 bedrooms with 2650 sq. ft. can only be worth $112,000. Not in my area. Where this article is very helpful, just not sure what market it is in. At any rate, the information I am sure is transferable to any market.

Alan Musilek | 9 months ago  

Great info, thanks for sharing. What occurred to me as I was looking at this is I should establish a price guide for each feature or amenity most common in markets so I can quickly assign that info for comps - but also for my rehab or development budgets...

Lynn Del Sol | about 1 year ago  

Why is this not in PDF format? People have different systems and platforms and not all can open the different varieties of Word documents, but generally all can open PDF documents... that's why it was developed.

Gair Humiston | about 1 year ago  

i am working on putting together some deals for an investor for the first time. How should I format the deal?

Jonathan Hardwick | over 1 year ago  

Definitely helpful thanks

Jaymes Davidson | over 1 year ago  

Thank you Jason for being so kind with us that we are on this road and as a beacon you let yourself be known and thanks to Bob Snaider who referes to all the webinars, I love Bob Snaider.

Maritza E Mcnulty | over 1 year ago  

Great information.

Maria Houser | over 1 year ago  

Thank you so much for pulling this together. This is right on time for me and I'm sure many others.

Inas Mahdi | over 1 year ago  

Great Download! Thank you!

Jeremy Thomas | over 1 year ago  

Great download! Thanks again for another clear and easy to understand break down!

Anthony Capozzi | over 1 year ago  

Thanks for this information! It will really help when we analyze properties.

Lea Velasquez | almost 2 years ago  

Appreciate the info. Real valuable starting point for getting figures right. Thanks Scott.

Zack Kaguluka | almost 2 years ago  

I don't know why it only let me give you 1 star but I think it is more like a 3 closer to 4 star but it was really good info. thanks a lot, i'll be getting your books soon J Scott thanks again

Javier Torres | almost 2 years ago  

Thanks J. 5 * info. Great resource!

Atchut Neelam | about 2 years ago  

Mr. J Scott.... Many many thanks. Your guides are helpful. Must Read Materials for newbies like me.

Paul Headad | about 2 years ago  

@ J Scott, Thank you for the awesome info!

Randy Hamilton | over 2 years ago  

Great primer, extremely useful. Thanks J Scott!

Jerry Soer | over 2 years ago  

Thank you for this. Also, is there a book you would recommend to learn even more?

Tammy Coughlin | over 2 years ago  

Thank you, this is very helpful!

Elizabeth V. | over 2 years ago  

Thank you so much J Scott. I appreciate it. I'm new and this is exactly what I was looking for.

Mai Z. | over 2 years ago  

Downloaded just fine & printing it out. Always enjoy learning from others experiences. Thanks!

Christopher Winkler | over 2 years ago  

Thank you so much for the Information. I needed this

Kim Riley | over 2 years ago  

Thanks so much for the info!!! I'm a newbie so I definitely needs this stuff.

Zahrah McFadgen | almost 3 years ago  

Thank you!

Lia Negrete | almost 3 years ago  

Hi, I am unable to download. Is there a link you could send me? I really would like to see this. Thank you for your help.

Christina Curl | about 3 years ago  

You're the man, thanks J.Scott!

Michael Merritt | about 3 years ago  

Great Information!

LaToya S. | about 3 years ago  

Great info, especially for us beginners. Thanks.

R. Ty DuBrell | about 3 years ago  

You can download a Word Reader from Microsoft where you can at least read the document.

Douglas Kelley | about 3 years ago  

Lakeyla, You need a program that can open a MS Word document that has a .docx file type. For instance, I was able to open it in Word 2010. I saved it as a pdf, but haven't found where I can upload that file for you.

Account Closed | over 3 years ago  

Can't open file.. is this still available?

Lakeyla Gardner | over 3 years ago  

Thanks J! You are the man! Great resource!

Adam West | almost 5 years ago  

Is this no longer available? I tried to download, opened it in MS word and the whole file was encrypted. Thanks! Zach

Zach Schaar | about 6 years ago  

Thanks, J Scott, this is great. I'm going to be talking with an agent friend of mine about pulling comps on my primary residence to help me decide whether to rent it or sell it. I now feel more prepared to understand and double check his work.

Justin P. | over 6 years ago  

Every single aspiring real estate investor NEEDS to download this file! Properly and accurately determining ARV is absolutely essential if you are to have any success at all in real estate investing. As always, J delivers the goods. Thanks, Jason.

George Lekas | about 7 years ago