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This sample scope of work document is an example from one of my most recent projects. It gives a detailed breakdown of each scope of work on the project including the following: Demolition Site Work Concrete Siding Decking Exterior Doors Drywall/Framing/Insulation Casework Interior Doors/Trim Hardwood Flooring Tiling Interior Painting Plumbing HVAC Electrical The contractors were really impressed with the level of detail!

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Awesome. Thank you!

Caleb Fairey | about 1 month ago  

Thanks David! Just what I was looking for!

Bill Tiller | 3 months ago  

Super helpful~! Thank you so much for sharing in the community!

Selina Gruden | 7 months ago  

Awesome Template !! Thanks for sharing !!

Michael Wright | 9 months ago  

Great sample of this document.

Kobi Ipergan | about 1 year ago  

Thank you for this.

John Tom | about 1 year ago  

Thanks a bunch!

Anshul Deb | about 1 year ago  

Exactly what I was looking for. thank you so much.

Laura Spaulding | over 1 year ago  

Thank you David for your generosity!

Marek Berry | over 1 year ago  

This is perfect! Thank you so much for sharing.

Terri O'Brien | almost 2 years ago  

this is great!

Trevor Methena | about 2 years ago  

Thank you so much for this tool!

Bethany Givens | over 2 years ago  


Chris Sciacchitano | over 2 years ago  

Excellent! Definitely using this on my current rehab. Thank you for Sharing.

Miguel Castro | over 2 years ago  

Thanks David - very helpful!

Steven Silman | over 2 years ago  


Jen Hoang | over 2 years ago  

This is awesome! Thank you.

Tony Moreno | over 2 years ago  

Very thorough. Should be helpful. Thank you.

Chris Wood | almost 3 years ago  

Very nice example. Thanks for the reference material

Jin Kim | almost 3 years ago  

Very Helpful - Thanks for this

Shantanu R. | almost 3 years ago  

Thank you so much. It is very helpful for me.

Bhakta Thapa | about 3 years ago  

Thank you!

Daniel Onuoha | about 3 years ago  

Wow! thank you so much!!! Exactly what I was looking for.

Monica Lam | over 3 years ago  

Another thank you.

Jeff Johnson | over 3 years ago  

Excellent. Thank you

James Beaver | over 3 years ago  

Thank you!

LuAnn Leighton | over 3 years ago  

This is perfect. Thank you!

Sam Rozolem | over 4 years ago  

Very nice and helpful - Thanks @David Robertson

Federico L. | over 4 years ago  


Jerome Huggup | over 4 years ago  

This is a great tool! Thanks for making it available to us!

Kyle Good | over 4 years ago  

Perfect. Thanks

Christopher Williams | over 4 years ago  

Thank you very much.

Kennesha Powell | almost 5 years ago  

Great! Thank you so much David for this!

Esther L. | about 6 years ago  

Exactly what I was looking for!

Kyle Jefferson | about 6 years ago  

Perfect! VERY helpful. Thanks so much!

Crystal Smith | over 6 years ago  

Great sample of this document. I used it the other day in conjunction with another J. Scott document. It helped ensure what expectations are and cleared everything up. Very professional!

Steven J. | almost 8 years ago