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This file provides specific items that are common on real estate rehab projects and will assist the new or seasoned investor better understand & estimate their rehab costs BEFORE they buy.

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Small 1492014275 avatar sharifs3
Excel Format would be greatly appreciated!

Sharif Suman | about 1 year ago  

Small 1420239629 avatar nikkir1
I wonder if I can find a VA to make an Excel sheet of this..? Thanks a bunch for the form!

Nikki Robinson | about 3 years ago  

No avatar
Does anyone else have interest in an excel format of this type, as mentioned by Joe Silva? I have been working on one for a while and wouldn't mind sharing it if people are interested. Mr. Bernard's version is great and I like that it is a good blend of detailed work but not making it too long. I hope to make an efficient blend myself, after mastering a few more Excel techniques.

Grant Brewer | over 3 years ago  

Small 1408453606 avatar jsilva2535
Looks great! Has anybody tried putting this info in an excel format? I am not very good at it so it will take me a while to do but I will do it if no one else has. My idea is to input the formulas so all you have to do is enter "1" for each item needed as well as the number of linear or square feet, labor cost and perhaps the estimated time needed to complete. I know there are people out there smarted than me who can do this but I will give it a try as soon as time is available in my busy life. This place is awesome! so glad i stumbled on it!

Jose Silva | over 3 years ago  

Small 1399731352 avatar kerryj
There are no repair costs amounts on the form. Is the idea here to identify the items but not the repair cost that the rehabber should expect to pay. I know that the cost may vary thru out the U.S. but there are often wide variances of prices between contractors as well

Kerry Jablonski | over 4 years ago  

Small 1399594711 avatar shiner
Thanks for sharing! I hope to put this to good use soon.

Geoff S. | about 6 years ago  

Small 1399565001 avatar anne68
Excellent information, Will! Thanks so much for sharing!

Anne Walls | over 6 years ago  

Small 1448324704 avatar barnardinc
Thanks guys, glad to be of assistance.

Will Barnard | almost 7 years ago  

Small 1399544043 avatar basic
Will thanks for sharing this! Much appreciated.

Charles W. | almost 7 years ago  

Small 1491858518 avatar biggerpo
Great form, Will. Very useful.

Joshua Dorkin | almost 7 years ago