selling 1031 and not purchasing another-who should proceeds go to

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Sold a building, bought two properties - both have their own title, now want to sell one and do not want to reinvest the money - who do i tell the purchaser to make the check out to? husband and self - who are the members of the 1031 llc? or to the llc itself??

Help sale is happening soon!


Same answer, owner on title is the owner.  The fact that you bought these properties using a 1031 is irrelevant to this issue, by the way.  I assume you are using a title co. or attorney.....funds(no checks) are transferred to the title co./attorney from the buyer....the title co/atty issues funds to the “owner of record”.

@Karen Viau , if you are wanting to do a 1031 exchange on the sale then you must use a Qualified intermediary and the proceeds must go into your exchange account with them.   You cannot touch the proceed and you cannot control the proceeds.  The 1031 is not a do it yourself process.  so the intermediary has to direct where the proceeds go.