Canadian Loans for a First Time Young Buyer

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I am in my final year of business school and planning on getting into investing, Its been my plan for many years and feel I am ready to take action. Just looking to get some advice on first time loans, what to avoid getting into, what type/structure of the loan should be. I am in Southern Ontario. Thanks in advance

Are you looking at commercial or rental?  Mortgage rates are incredibly low right now so it is a great time to get into the market.  With only 5% down (plus closing cost and home inspection) you can buy your first property.  \it also needs to be your primary residence, so as many members would tell you, look at purchasing a duplex, or multi family, and live in one of the units to be able to take advantage of this.

Another problem you might run into is your credit rating, or lack thereof.  Sounds like you might need a co signer.  That gets a little trickier.  First option is always your parents.

Also, if you user a mortgage broker instead of a conventional lender (the major banks) they will only run your credit score once while shopping you around to mortgage lenders.    This is good as each time your score is ran, it dings your credit.  I bought my last one through one and he was fantastic.  

good luck