Should you get your Real Estate License . . . (From today's newspaper)

Now, there are about 73,500 real estate agents and brokers licensed in Arizona, according to the department.

Real estate not an easy job

people who become agents thinking it’s easy money will be disappointed.

“Getting a real estate license isn’t too difficult,” “But just because people take classes and pass a test, doesn’t mean they will make money.”

He said making money selling real estate in the Valley now is “hard work” and often a seven-day a week job.

He said the salad days are long gone, and he doesn’t see them coming back. He advises new agents to find a mentor.

Homes priced below $300,000 in the Valley are selling fast now, often on the first day they are listed if the house is in good shape and in a popular neighborhood.

But agents have to work harder because of the growing competition.

A buyer looking to pay $300,000 or less may get outbid or lose out to other buyers who make offers faster. There are plenty of investors willing to pay cash for houses in that price range so they can flip or turn them into rentals.

It’s typical now to show a client 30 or 40 homes if they are looking in that price range.

That can be lot of work and time for a 3 percent commission."

NOTE: (Actually, the agent oftentimes has to split that 3% commission with the broker, depending on the agreement, so the agent gets even less. In the best of times plan on 6 months before you get your first check. Being a real estate agent can be a slow process. Everything takes longer than you think it should. Plan ahead.)