Whats cosidered avrage price for Attorney in NJ

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Hello Everyone on BP.

I'm in a commercial real estate transaction, and my attorney is charging a fee of $2500 for closing,  Does anyone know the average attorney fees in new jersey?

Am I overpaying or is this standard.

Thank You 

When you say "commercial", do you mean retail kind of commercial or multi-family? Is it conventional or hard money financing? What part of NJ?

Depends on where in NJ. For a regular residential purchase or sale, no corporate formations, not a foreclosure or short sale, nothing out of the ordinary, then $2500 is expensive.  Not outrageous, but a lot. Some older solo practitioners still charge $950 or $1,000 but they are often very slow and non-responsive from my experience. $1200-1500 is probably more average with $2500 being on the high end.