Book suggestions for DIY home repair/rehab/remodel

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Hi all,

I'm getting started in real estate investing and in the process of looking for a good house hack investment in my area (Charlotte, NC). In the meantime I'm trying to learn as much as possible and have been devouring books to that end. I'm planning on using my free time during the house hack to upgrade as much of the property as is feasible and has good ROI (in terms of either rent and/or equity increase or educational return) but am trying to find a good set of educational resources for DIY home repair. The options available on amazon are overwhelming so if anyone here has either recommended books or has experience doing these kinds of repairs and wants to share their 2c, then I'm all ears.



Hi Noah & welcome! Fellow Charlotte area investor here. What specifically are you looking to learn? Are you trying to learn how to do repairs yourself, how to manage contractors, or which items provide most “bang for your buck” in terms of renovating? 

We just finished a major renovation & were able to just use YouTube on a case by case basis to figure out how to do each project. 

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Harbor Freight tools will be your best friend . They are no where near the best as far as quality . BUT they will get you started .  

You can spend a small fortune in tools , I have . Between tools and equipment I could have paid for a law degree .  

Once you become good with your tools and you are at Home Depot , you may be invited to the once a month meet up at midnight when all the guys gather in the tool area and pray to the tool gods .