Is it worth it to get my real estate license?

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Hey BP!! I’m just starting out and slowing taking steps to REI. I’m a pro member with a regular day job. I’ve been thinking lately that maybe my best entrance into real estate is through getting my license and becoming an agent. I’m currently renting with a 12 month lease and have nights and weekends off. I figure if I get my license I can work as an agent in my off time to bring in extra money but more importantly to LEARN the business. I have very little knowledge about the REI Industry and thought thIs would be the best way to learn. Thoughts? -Mike

Getting a license can be a good way to get started in the world of real estate, but make sure you are aware of the time (upwards of 70+ hours of real estate school) and the fees (usually 1k-2k) and startup costs. There are recurring fees and ongoing education that must be paid for and met so getting a license is no walk in the park. Leads are not going to fall out of the sky either, so your number one focus will always be lead generation if you plan to make any kind of money.

There are enough books and podcasts out there to learn the industry without being an agent and it is much more time and cost-effective than being an agent. Make sure this is something you really want to do and are prepared to make the efforts it requires to be successful to make it worth your time and money.