Tax lien/tax deed investing

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It's been awhile since I've posted but on my last I said I would post an update on the occupied tax lien property I purchased. Since then the owner is redeeming on the property. It did have someone staying in it, I couldn't do ejectment immediately. I wasn't able to go in any repairs due to someone already being there. So from my experience with this I will not be purchasing any more properties that aren't abandoned. I'm on my search for my next property. I'm open to any tips of advice. I'm in bham al btw.

@Tamika Rue , occupied properties almost always redeem. You should target vacant properties with significant repairs needs and sizeable liens against the assessed owner and the property. Those are most likely to be abandoned and least likely to be redeemed, unless a bank is one of the lienholders.

@Denise Evans, thanks for the feed back. I was trying to take the cheap way out I guess. The properties that are abandoned and need work are more pricey than the ones who have only missed a couple years back taxes and that's not vacant. The next one will most definitely be not only vacant but abandoned. I don't know how to send you a direct message. I sent off the letter back to the owner. What is the next step to redeeming? Will he send the money back in the mail or will I have to go to the court house. Also, my husband is about to grt the tax deed to a tri plex and he needs help on how to clear the title. Also, to know the true value of the tri plex, will he have to hire an appraiser? Thank you again for the feed back

You can send me a message from my website, which I think appears below. I don't see those things when I'm replying to a forum post.