Degree in Real Estate vs Real Estate license

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Hello Bigger pockets form,

My name is Carlos, I'm a student in college and I'm thinking about changing my major to real estate. I am interested in becoming an investor and I'm not sure if I would have an advantage in getting a degree in the field itself or getting a license would be better. My Ideal investing goal would be to invest in Multi-unit homes and then progress to commercial real estate. 

I'm not sure if this is the place to ask but I figured I try.

Unless you plan on working for someone else and need something to put on a resume, a degree (in anything) is useless.  The only thing that matters is actual knowledge.  While it takes 4 years to obtain a bachelors degree in real estate, a real estate license can be knocked out in a matter of weeks or months and will teach you the majority of the same things as the degree would.  

For anyone serious about real estate, about the only degrees I would recommend would be high earning potential degrees such as computer science, engineering etc.  It's 10x easier to invest in real estate and get banks to deal with you when you have a significant paying W2 job.