Hey guys! I’m Dor, a 21 years old guy from Israel, released from the army not long ago. Because of my life goals and aspirations I’m really attracted to the world of investing. Lately I started to learn Real Estate, I’ve summarized “The ultimate beginners guide to real estate Investing” and I’m continuing to summarize interesting articles. I’ve been to conference of Robert Shemin in Israel a few days ago, and heard more about Real Estate and got more interested in it. Currently I don’t have much money to pay for any advanced education in real estate and I want to take a step further the whole Real Estate investing thing, I would be glad if you guys can give me some tips and it would be even better to contact with some of you directly and talk about Real Estate and how to make my first steps in this life-field as a beginner. Guys any word of value is appreciated, thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to respond, have an amazing day!