AUGUSTA, GA...Looking to meet and talk with like minded people

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I am new to the investing rental property world.  I just relocated to Grovetown, Georgia from The Poconos in Pennsylvania.  I am currently an Analyst for Textron.  I have a goal to become an investor and build up cash flow and ultimately let the money work for me so i can actually get out of the economic slavery that so many think that they are stuck in.  I am motivated and have been doing a ton of research as well.  If i can pick your brain in any type of way or be in the environment to learn more, or even meetup and talk with people in my situation to game plan with I would greatly appreciate it.  I can help assist with your properties for free just to learn the knowledge and get the feel /  expierence.  If you would like to meetup please dont hesitate to hit me up even if its a phone call.

@Corey Mills

Welcome to the area! Great time to be investing in Augusta. Besides listening to BP Podcasts, I'd recommend attending the Augusta Real Estate Investment Association (REIA) which meets the second Thursday in Evans, see the FB link below.

In addition, I started a Bigger Pockets Augusta Meet-up which meets the Last Thursday of each month, last night was our first meeting and it was great, we had about 10 investors of all levels, including a few folks who have never done deals as well. Looking forward to catching up, if you have WhatsApp - send me your number and I'll add you to the Group Chat.

Take care and I look forward to connecting.

Chris Oyenuga