Anyone know how to find public evictions? Or tax liens?

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@Steve Proia I’m assuming you’re talking about Mass. which I’m less familiar with, but in general, find out what the process is, particularly when things need to be filed and where, and then see how you can get access to that information.

For example you can search RI court records online which does include eviction filings (though you have to know the name of one of the parties since it’s filed but name). For tax liens, violations, etc. my understanding is that they’re usually filed in the land evidence records so that’s definitely something to become familiar with.

In the worst case you could ask an attorney to explain the process to you and where/when things are filed but with a little digging I think you can probably find most of that online as well.

Another option would be that there are actually continuing education (CLE) classes attorneys take, which you can attend as a non-attorney too, which will explain the process for something like eviction in great detail. That’s probably overkill and also not cheap but is another option. If that interests you, I’d say check out your state bar association under CLE classes and see who their recommended providers are.