How often do you check your rentals for maint. and lease violatio

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My first tenant is coming up on the one month mark. I haven't been in the house or talked to my tenant since she moved in. I want to make sure she is taking care of my house and following my rules but I also don't want to be one of those landlords that is constantly bugging the tenants. We had one of those landlords when I was a kid and we moved out within a year. Of coarse I would mainly be looking for maintenance issues but also be on the look out for violations. How often do you do inspections?  What do you look for? 

Do you live close by? If so, drive by whenever you happen to be in the area for something else, just to make sure yards are being taken care of, there are no mattresses on the front porch, the place is still standing, etc. You're also going to be called for a maintenance issue sooner or later. If it's something simple, go over and take a look at it yourself even if you have no intention of being the one to fix it. And do a walk through with every lease renewal.

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or use the excuse of wanting to change the hvac filter, like "i forgot to put a new one before you moved in, and i would like to come by and change it".

quarterly then less often.

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