Personal property left in shed after I purchased house

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I've tried searching this topic, but could only find an article about a car left in a garage a house was bought.  

Short story, 

I recently purchase an investment property.  I looked at the property (which was vacant) on 10/3 and there is a shed which contained a lawn mower, bicycles and lawn chairs.  I placed an offer, which was accepted that day.  I then also viewed the property 3 more times, the final time was 30 minutes prior to settlement and the Shed and it's contents were still at the property.

A day after closing, a neighbor came to my door while working on the house and claims that the previous owner (prior the the house flipper I purchased the property from) had promised them the mower, bicycles and lawn chairs that are inside of my shed.  I was really caught off guard and told her that since the sale was complete, the contents were mine upon settlement.  I checked with my realtor, who also checked with her broker and they felt that the personal contents transfer to the new owner of the property at settlement.

I realize that I'm standing my ground over a $200 lawn mower, but feel like if they were given the items, they should've been removed in the months prior to the owner I purchased the property from listed it for sale and also settlement.  I would be interested in getting other opinions.  The neighbors are tenants and not the owner of the next door property.  They are coming and hounding me about twice per day, while I am there working and now threatening law suites, etc.  I have several rental properties, but have never ran into this type of problems.

Thanks, Greg

The problem is, that I would like not to have to purchase a lawnmower for my tenants to use (when I thought there was one included with the sale).  They can have the other junk and would gladly help move to their house!