New Hampshire Real Estate Investors?

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Hi everyone, 

Hope all you are well! - the first post, still trying to figure this all out, so apologies if this is redundant. 

I'm looking to connect with folks in the New Hampshire area who are past, current, or future real estate investors. I grew up in New York, moved to California, now moving back east and want to discuss some possibilities in the NH real estate market. Any insight, connections, would be appreciated. Looking forward to connecting!


Originally posted by @Jonathan Killam :

Hello @Syed Zafar and welcome to BP!

Feel free to reach out. I very much enjoy discussing real estate investing and hope I can be a resource for you.

Best regards,

 Hi Jonathan, 

Thanks for the message I would love to connect further. Request sent!

Hello @Syed Zafar , my wife Tameka and I are new to real estate, we live in northern NH and are constantly adding people to our network and info to our databases. We would love to chat and help in anyways we can. Feel free to reach out and good luck in your hunt!

Shane & Tameka Cloutier