Investments in Hallandale Beach, Florida

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Calling all Broward Investors!

I am a resident of Miami-Dade county and have only ever invested there. I am considering expanding my farm area to Hallandale Beach. I am seeing decent value there on "on-market" stuff (i.e. MLS).

Can some of your Broward investors give me some feedback on that market for multifamily?

1) How are the tenants? 

2) Challenges for investors in that area?

3) How "in demand" are rentals there?

4) What should I consider when first entering the market?

I'd love to hear some personal experiences from those that have property in that area. I am looking at the south side of Hallandale Beach (right on the Dade-Broward border), east of 95.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Carlos Rovira

No one replied to your post :l

I am interested in learning if you jumped in on the Broward market, specifically Hallandale, over the past year since the post. I'm originally from Miami and have heard of better COC returns for MFH in Hallandale.

@Carlos Rovira

I invest in this market currently, along with several others within broward county. Hallandale is a unique market, it's easy thus some of the prices are marketed as "near ocean" but there are some areas that are class C-. With all the new construction going on in the downtown areas and the high rise going up (the end of 2018), getting in now might be the best move, if you like this area. I would be more than offered to speak with you. I have a current deal I'm working on. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 


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