3 Thermostats - 9 Units - How would you handle RUBS (heat)?

2 Replies

Hey All - I have a 9 unit building that only has electric separately metered. I want to implement RUBS for gas, water, sewer and trash, but was wondering how you'd handle the thermostats? There are 3 units that currently handle the heat for the entire building. Would you consolidate all thermostats into one and have it locked and regulated by the property manager? That's my initial thought, but would love to hear from people who've had similar issues... Thanks!

I like the idea of locks or you could also just move the the control units to a utility closet or other lockable common room.  Water/sewer should be billed back based on occupant count whereas gas could be billed back based on occupant count or square footage.  There are third party billing companies out there such as Guardian Water & Power that provide RUBS at no charge to owner/management. 

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