Guesstimate the repairs on a 1,100 sqft house!

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Can anyone guesstimate the repairs on a full gut single family 1,100 square foot house?

5-10k if you buy the materials and do it yourself otherwise multiply that number by a factor between 3 and 10

Depends on what it's worth.  $3-4/sqft for flooring and paint from Sherwin Williams.  I try to keep cabinets if at all possible and refinish them.  I go granite in the kitchen and bathrooms, usually runs about 10k for everything.  Slab foundations run about 5k from a company with good prices at $185/pier in San Antonio.  4k for a roof if it needs it, 6k for HVAC inside and outside units with reducting.  

Guess... $4k per bathroom, $10k for the kitchen (including SS used appliances), $1k per window, $3k interior paint, $5k for wood laminate flooring, $7k plumbing update, $4k electrical update, $3k asphalt driveway, $3k furnace

My guesses are based on rehabs at three properties in the last four years.  My numbers are high but about as good as I've been able to get.  I didn't guess at everything you'll need because I haven't done a complete gut.

1k per window? 3k for interior paint on a 1,100 sq ft house?  Those two are crazy high. I've never heard of 1k per window. If they're standard size, figure 200 for the window and 100 for the labor. If they're custom sized, then you typically either build out the window opening and buy a std size window or buy a custom window.  Either way, maybe $500 a window TOPS.

And you should be able to get someone to paint the house for 1,500 or less. My wife does it for $500. Now I feel cheap. :-)

Here's what I would assume based on it being an 1100 sq ft home.
3bdrm, 1.5 bath.

So a full gut:
1) 10 windows = 5k
2) Siding = 4k
3) HVAC 4 to 5k (furnace and a/c)
4) Electrical (rewire and new panel) = 4k
5) Plumbing = 3k to 5k (assumes crawl or basement - if slab, this price is much higher) depending on if you're moving anything or not.
6) Full bath with tile surround above tub (simple pattern) = 5k
7) Half bath = 2,000
8) Kitchen (cabinets and countertops) =6k
9) Light fixtures = 1,800
10) Roof = 4k to 5k
11) Flooring (carpet for bedrooms and family room, tile for kitchen/dining, bathrooms and foyer and need durock under tile) = 5k
12) Drywall reparis - 1k (I'm assuming you'll need some drywall work done but not necessarily have to resheet the entire house. If so, then this goes way up obviously)
13) Trim = 2,500
14) Paint = 1,500

52k. Plus or minus 15%. So I'd guess roughly 60k TOTAL.
If you get the house, let us know where you end up coming in at. :-)

Nice thing is, you'll have a brand spanking new house.......

Nobody in Texas will paint a house for $500. Better figure more like $1500-2500 depending on whether you're talking about painting baseboards, doors, closets shelves, etc? Then another $1500 for the outside, less if it's brick.

Somewhere in there you might want some drywall, doors, and insulation.

A $200K house here will need a driveway and fence.

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