How much should I charge for raising investment capital?

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A real estate investor who invests in “flips” and “buy and holds” is seeking investment partners in his projects. I’m considering raising capital/bringing in investors for him. What would be considered a fair commission on the money I raise? 3%? 5%? Something else?

Also, if I bring an investor who invests in a project today, and continues to invest in the future, should I be getting a commission on every property he invests in in the future or only my first commission?

Would appreciate your thoughts? Thanks!

Pyramid scheme? Not sure what you're talking about. He's buying and fixing up a house for $100K. He's investing $33K of his own money or taking a loan for his 3rd and I'm helping to bring in a partner to put in the other $67K. So if I brought him an investor to invest $67K into his flip, what percentage comission should I get for that $67K? 

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