Looking for a CPA or tax strategist

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Most tax strategists work remotely- You may be better served by finding someone specialized vs. local to yourself. 

There are several here on the forums who you'll note as top contributors on the tax area. Look into a few and see who is a good fit for you.

@Derek Back

I read through your other post and it appears that you used a HELOC on a personal residence to purchase an investment property.
It would be interesting to see how your taxes was done in the prior years if the interest was reported as a deduction on Schedule A or Schedule E.

You should follow the interest tracing rules to determine deductibility.

Below are some tips to find a Local CPA that specializes in real estate

1) Attend a Local REIA / Real Estate meetup and see who other investors are using as a CPA
2) Network with other investors from your City/State that you find on bigger pockets and see who they use as a CPA
3) Look for CPA's with good google/yelp reviews where 'real estate' is mentioned in the review.
4) Verify that your CPA is licensed. Many 'tax professionals' lie that they are a CPA.

Here is a link that you can use to verify that your CPA is licensed within the state of Massachusetts