A copy of the Counties Tax Delinquents

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I just got a copy of tax delinquents on CD-ROM for the Assessors office in St. Louis County Missouri so that I can send out those who are behind on their taxes. The bad part is, I cant seem to interpret some of the data in the upper cells title for the data below for instance: currtax / delqdue/ Currdue / Totdue.

I'm guessing they stand for Current Tax, Delinquent Due, and Current Due??

How did you get the CD Rom? Awesome plan.

Yeah i put that together, and obviously the last one means total, but there are about a hundred other ones in that excel spread sheet.

I went to the assessors office for st. louis county and they had it available. I think my RE coach brought it up. Also there's a vast amount of info online that I think would encourage to do the same.

I want to know how much they're behind and who has had their house loans in force for over 15 years. I guess I'll look at the total (totdue) to tell how much they're due. Some of the number look ridiculous but I guess $40,000 total in taxes do is not that unrealistic.

Curtis - What was the cost for the CD-Rom?

I don't know if you have access to MLS, but you can find the mortgage info you need there in something called "Realist Tax." It'll show you when they took the mortgage and for how much.

Oh nice. I'll keep that in mind. I do not have direct MLS access because I'm not a Realtor, or a Realtor's assisstant, but I am have a strong network of Realtor buddies though. Keep up the good work John.

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