Looking for Real Estate friendly CPA & Attorney in NYC

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Looking for a real estate friendly CPA & Attorney in NYC. Preferably located in Brooklyn or Manhattan. I am looking to get my first deal done soon and want to be prepared for any tax legal issues that will come up before embarking on this journey. 

Good luck with your search. I unfortunately don't have a good CPA in Brooklyn I can refer you too. If you find trouble finding a good one, I suggest you open your search outside your area. Generally, you would find a much better selection of CPAs by being open to work remotely with tax advisors outside your immediate area. The important thing here is you need to be comfortable with working with a remote CPA. It is not for everyone, but most people these days do it. There are several of us on here who do work remotely with clients.

Hey Joel - 

I saw your other post that you are looking into areas in PA. 
I brought my first rental property in PA not too long ago.

I am located in Brooklyn(Bensonhurst) if you ever want to grab a pizza/coffee.
I am also a CPA if you wanted to bother me with some tax questions.

@Basit Siddiqi

I'm actually not too far away from Bensonhurst. Let's connect and we will take it from there.

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