Michigan Income Tax on Rentals

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My wife and I are-non US citizens, nor residents.
We both are partners of a Wyoming holding LLC.
This WY LLC is the only owner of a Michigan LLC.
In Michigan we have 2 rentals owned by this MI LLC.
Do we have to pay any Income tax to the Michigan State? If yes, where can I found more info?.

Thanks in advance.

@Cris Tiannec Contract John Starnes of People’s Tax Center in Southfield, MI. He’s the best when it comes to these types of issues. ‭Google him or PM me for his info.
Originally posted by @Ana Garcia :

@Cris Tiannec Yes, you will have to pay taxes in the State of Michigan. You can find more information on the State's website at:


Here we have a good example of how difficult it is to find a good and serious CPA who know what he/she is advising.

I had to ask several professionals and I found many doing a simple Google search that I had already done to give me a wrong answer.

It really is very difficult. Most CPA do not even say hello if they do not charge you.

The correct answer is NO. I do not have to pay any taxes to the state of Michigan.