Anyone still waiting on your TAX Return? Where is my TAX RETURN!

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So last year I paid the amount of taxes that I was supposed to throughout the year. Because of some losses on 2 flips in Phoenix, I was supposed to be getting a 12k return. I filed before the deadline in April. I am still waiting (6 months later) on getting my federal return. I don't like giving the government a 12k interest free loan.

This does create some questions for me on the solvency of the IRS or government in general.  

Anyone else still waiting on getting their return?

I'm assuming you haven't received a notice from the IRS...

It's time for you or your CPA to call and inquire about the refund.

Really the time to call if the refund is still pending was 1 month after efile, or 2 months after paper file.

That's way too long to wait, though I doubt it has anything to do with the solvency of the IRS.  Easiest thing to do would be to check the status of the refund here:  IRS - Check My Refund Status

@Shiloh Lundahl

Check the link provided by @Kyle J.

If you mailed your paper return - it could've been lost. If you filed electronically, it could be held back by some verification process, i.e. a background-type audit.

Either way, need to find out, and it has nothing to do with the solvency of the government.