REI friendly CPA/Tax consultant recommendations

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I know @Steven Hamilton II has a Florida office- I'm not exactly sure where unfortunately. 

As Michael mentioned lots of great options on here- if you prefer in person I'd reach out to Steven and see if he's close and if he's accepting new clients at the moment. 

@Matthew Linton I use Charles with Widget Booking in Clearwater. He’s been great for where we are at in our investing. If you want to stay local definitely check out Michele Nelson I will message you her contact info!  

P.S. I love that you’re getting your team together! 

We use Anderson Advisors and we can't speak more highly about them.  They're based in LV but have customers all around the country.  It's a one stop shop for them - both CPA and Lawyers. For anyone that's ever run other businesses, brokering between your CPA and law team is a pain. Not with them though!  As part of being their client, they also provide free l3 day learning events around the country for asset and tax management. Let me know if you need a referral!