Looking for a Real Estate Investing minded CPA

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I am located in California and have investment properties located in the midwest.  Until recently I have had a simple W2 and was able to file taxes thru Turbo Tax.  I have started to outgrow Turbo Tax and as I grow my portfolio of rental properties I am in search of a CPA that will not only help maximize my return but also give strategic advice in my investing to help maximize my return.  Any referalls from my fellow investors would be greatly appreciated.  Happy investing!

@Kevin Larson

If you’re willing to work remotely, I have several names for you in Southern California, mostly San Diego.

*this post does not create an attorney client or cpa client relationship. Readers are advised to seek professional advice.

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Brandon Hall and the Real Estate CPA is a huge Bigger Pockets contributor and definitely worth considering. The whole firm is focused on real estate taxes, very creative and all investors themselves. The firm is set up to be remote. @Brandon Hall